South Africa Boot Camp Update

Our team  in Kwamhlanga (Sport team) is having huge success with their outreach to the kids. They have had 87 salvations as they have been going out throughout the village. The pastor was unable to get the paint for them, so they went ahead and began to into the village by sections. He said that as they would walk around, kids would gather from all over. They would take time to play and sing with them and invite the parents that were around as well. They shared with them and have had so many accept the Lord. He said that in every section, they have had the same thing happen. The youth are excited and enjoy going out.

Prayer Request

~That the youth will get a missionary vision about the work that they are accomplishing.

~That the leaders will stay strong and finish well all the way through Debrief.

~That the ministries that we have partnered with will grow strong and be blessed.

~Safety as I will be traveling with all the teams as they come back for Debrief.


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