Testimonies from Brazil Boot Camp

The Teen Missions in Brazil Boot Camp Commissioning was on Wednesday night. As always, it was a very special time. We had bus loads of visitors, approximately 400. There were about 10 pastors present. It rained quite heavily during the service and we even had to drop the curtains for part of the time. Everyone lit their candles and marched out into the drizzle to pray together on their teams. The party after the service was huge, with all eight teams celebrating under the Big Top until 10:30pm, when the visitors finally left and we sent the teams off to their tents. Early Thursday morning, we transported three teams to their projects while two others took down tents, one team took down the Obstacle Course, and the other two helped Vanja pack-up the Big Top. That afternoon we took another two to their projects. Friday we took the remaining three teams to their project sites. Praise the Lord for His safety and no major problems with the buses. Saturday and Sunday was mainly R&R (rest and recovery) for us here.

Each one of these teens is a success story for us. We gave out more than one thousand brochures while recruiting for Boot Camp. Then we had more than 170 sign up. Of these, only 122 actually made it to Teen Missions. But each one is here because God brought him or her. Here are a few testimonies about their 12 days of training:

“Boot Camp meant many things to me. In most of the evening messages God spoke to me, things I needed to hear. He taught me to be more obedient and keep the rules. I learned to accept the personalities of every member and leaders too. Everything I learned here, I want to show out there.” – Ayrelange

“For me, Boot Camp is a place of preparation, as much spiritually as well in character in assuming more responsibility.” – Jecelmir

“I learned things I never knew before. To win, we have to pass through various obstacles that life teaches us. In the personal evangelism class, I learned how to give my testimony in public to people who are not Christian.” – Fabiane

“Here, I have grown spiritually. I am able to recognize Jesus in the difficulties. I am able to get over the barrier of fear in witnessing. I am able to resist the devil and know that he will flee from me. This has been a place where I got the victory over discouragement. A place where I got to know wonderful people and make lifelong friendships. A place where the Holy Spirit has touched me and I recognize God’s will for me.” – Thamires

“This is a place where I can learn more about God, a place of spiritual growth, of learning and loving each other and to be a true servant. I hope that with all that, I have learned that I can leave here and people that look at me won’t see my face but rather the face of God shining in my face.” – Gabriel

We rejoice and praise the Lord for the five salvations and more than 50 rededications that have happened during the Teen Missions in Brazil Boot Camp.

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