Uganda Boot Camp (Bugoi) Biggest Ever!

For the Week of Dec. 17, 2009 to Dec. 23, 2009:

Teen Missions in Uganda reports that this is the biggest Boot Camp ever in Bugoi (Promised Land). The Lord blessed us with 237 team members and 32 leaders serving on eight teams! It was challenging, but we taught all the classes we were meant to teach, and a variety of projects were accomplished, like clearing the boundaries of the property. Some UBMW students helped  teach classes and the team members enjoyed them.  We joyfully report a total of 103 decisions for Christ  during this Boot Camp.

We had Commissioning on December 23rd after giving out Teen Missions T-shirts and taking photos. Everyone lit their candle and it was a very nice time.

We thank God for His grace upon us. It has been an interesting Boot Camp compared to any in the past. We had 57 team members who couldn’t speak (they are mute) and they spoke using signs. God has taught us how to work with them and learn their signs so we can communicate with them. They are scattered on all the teams.


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