Update From Cambodia

Praise God for another exciting week here in TMI Cambodia. It’s another week as we try hard to speak Khmer with no translator around. The days go by so fast and now we have four weeks more to go before the end of term IV. And it is so wonderful to note how God has sustained us until this day. In multitude or in few, we are ever thankful. We are very encouraged by the Word which says, “In God there is no big or small thing, because in Him all things were definitely counted as BIG”. We are back to plastering the dining room wall. They finished about four meters to reach 70 % of the whole area. It takes long time to finish plastering since we are working in the higher part of the wall and we have to use a ladder while working. But it is very rewarding to see the accomplishment.



  1. Hello,
    Our family is looking for a place to do a short-term project (maybe a week or two?) with Teen Missions – we can’t commit to a whole summer trip, such as would be the case with Teen Missions that’s based in Florida.
    Could you let us know how we could be involved? We also have relatives serving in Laos with a different organization, so would go there before going home.
    Thanks so much,
    Miriam Rashleigh

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