Bland, Bob and Bernie (Winter 2010)

We are off to Africa, Lord willing, on January 7th and plan to return on March 2nd. We need your prayers for this four-country visit.

MALAWI – January 9 – February 10

We will be spending most of our time here locating and setting up a new work among the Yao people. They live east and south of Lake Malawi and have very little witness. A special new recorder has the New Testament in Yao available to us. TMI has been given the funds to purchase property and establish not only AIDS Orphans Rescue Units, but also Sunday Schools and eventually a Bible School. This has been and is an area resistant to the Gospel, so we need a lot of prayer. While in Malawi, we have an adult team of four coming to build tables and benches for the Sunday School. We have 11 Sunday Schools, two Matron dorms for orphaned girls and seven AIDS Orphans Rescue Units. They run two Bible Schools, one in English and one in Chichewa. I will be speaking at the Malawi and Uganda BMWgraduations. We also hope to expand gardens and fruit trees for orphans and purchase several goats for orphans. During the adult team time, we are to visit David Livingstone’s first missionary base at Monkey Bay. This, strangely enough, is in the still unreached Yao territory.

ZAMBIA – February 11-18

To get to Zambia, we will fly up to Kenya and back down to Zambia. Travel in Africa is difficult. Zambia has a large base plus AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in 13 locations, Matron Units in three locations, and 12 Sunday Schools. They also run a Bible school and four Boot Camps. We hope to visit most of them. At Luswishi River, orphans and adults can’t get to the unit because of the river in wet season, so they are shut off from medicine, school and Sunday school. We hope to design a foot bridge, which a summer team and fall adult team will build, that will make it possible to get across. There are a couple other locations that have the same need.

SOUTH AFRICA – February 19-20

Our base in South Africa runs a Bible school, an AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit, and is starting a Sunday school circuit of six Sunday schools. This past year, TMI purchased the house and land adjoining our six-acre base and we are making plans as to how best to use it. It is only 15 minutes out of the capital, Pretoria. The staff serving there include the Shrocks, Florida BMWgraduate, Amy Ann, and Indonesian BMWstudent, Tolop. I will travel to South Africa without Bernie since we are going to a remote location in Uganda next. Bernie will stay at our base in Zambia.

UGANDA – February 20 – 26

TMI is opening a new base in the upper Nile region of Uganda. It is where the Congo, Sudan and Uganda join. Numerous refugees who fled the Congo and Sudan are there. We have purchased land and will start the base from the ground up. First, we will build AIDS Orphans Rescue Units, followed by the base, and then the BMW. The base will handle other outreaches in the area. TMI has a large base with several buildings that house AIDS Orphans work, BMWand staff. An adult group from Camille Hadlock’s (coordinator) home church in Grants Pass, Oregon will be there to help get it started. The Christian Union provided the funds to purchase the land and part of the buildings. A new school is being built by TMI and teachers are paid by the government. It has over 400 students already. There will be a lot of travel to get to all of these remote places. It is a day’s drive between each location: the two bases and the Rescue Units.

TRAVEL HOME – February 26 – March 1

The trip leaving Uganda is even longer than the one getting there! I plan to leave at 7:15 AM on February 26th to South Africa, then head back up to Zambia overnight, pick up Bernie in Lusaka, and then travel on to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Rome,Washington, D.C., and finally, Lord willing, to Florida, arriving at 2:41 PM on March 1st.


•Wisdom in ministry

• Travel mercies

• Health and strength

Malawi January 7 – February 11

Zambia February 12 – 19

South Africa February 19 – 20

Uganda February 20 – 26

Trip home February 26 – March 1

Thank you for your prayers,

Bob and Bernie

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