Deegan, Sean and Sharon (Winter 2010)

Dearest Friends and Family, Praise the Lord for such a wonderful time of reflection while remembering the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We always love the Christmas season. It is a beautiful time with friends and especially family. As we look back at the year that is now gone, we are reminded of the many blessings the Lord has done for us, our new baby boy in particular. We cannot believe how much children grow in such little time. Kieley is now three years old and is a little chatter box. She loves to talk about her day with Daddy when he comes home from work and drains her energy by dancing and reenacting princess movies in the living room. She never fails to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who meets her. She truly is an angel that we cannot love enough. Against my will, Aiden is seven months old and gets bigger every day. We always laugh at the little rolls he has on his tummy and thighs, he is a very chunky baby. He sits up by himself now and is almost crawling. His laugh is adorable and his smile even more. We cannot express our love for our children enough, and we praise and thank the Lord for them everyday. Christmas vacation was amazing. We spent the first week with my parents in Georgia and had an opportunity to speak with the youth group at their church. We also got to meet my brand new baby cousin, Troy. We helped decorate my parent’s tree while we were there. Kieley chose few of the ornaments and called them her friends. She tried to put them all in one section of the tree which, of course, made it hang a bit. It was nice seeing her play with ornaments that were a great part of my childhood. We wished we could have stayed longer, but our time there was cut short due to snow in North Carolina that we may not have been able to drive through later. The drive was interesting due to the slush that started in South Carolina all the way to Sean’s parents’ home in North Carolina. We did make it finally and the Lord had His hands over us as Sean drove through the slush. It was so much fun watching Kieley play in the snow for the first time in her life. She was so excited to be pulled in the sled and to make a snowman. The cold did not keep our family from going out. We went out almost every night doing different things like walking through a castle decorated for Christmas and driving through a light display at a local park. Sean and I also went to a college basketball game with his sister, Charlotte, and her husband, Jimmy. Sean had an opportunity to speak at his home church, Psalm 91, for a Sunday morning service. We want to thank everyone we met up with during our travels this Christmas for blessing us. It is always wonderful to see everyone again. We welcome this new year with open minds and arms. We found out we will be leading a team of teenagers to Ireland this summer. The team’s project will be pouring concrete for a driveway and building a 12’ x 24’ cinderblock storage building for a ministry called “Ireland Outreach” in Dalkey, Ireland, just outside of Dublin. We are excited to already have five team members signed up. We are so excited to go to the country of Sean’s heritage and allow our children to grow up as world travelers doing service for the Lord. We do ask for your prayers as we need to raise the support for our kids to come with us. The total cost for them will be $1,500. We know that through Him all things are possible and that we will be able to raise this support for our kids as well as our monthly support. We are thankful to everyone who supports us through finances and especially through prayers. The mission the Lord has placed in our hearts and lives would not be fulfilled without you. We are still under 50% of the recommended monthly support and ask that for prayers that our provisions will always be met as our family grows. Thank you again to everyone for your blessings, may the Lord bless and protect you all throughout this new year and many more years to come. Thank you.



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