Myers, Mike and Michelle (Winter 2010)

A big “Hello” to our family, friends, church and former team mates!

The New Year has just begun and big changes are happening in our life already. Our most-anticipated big change will come this August with the birth of our third child. Clever Michelle put the news in my stocking this past Christmas, so that she could watch with sheer delight at my surprise as I opened “our” gift. Although slightly unexpected, we are thrilled to be having another child and cannot wait for him (if you ask me) or her (if you ask Kenya) to greet us this coming summer. Isabelle is still too young to understand that she will soon be a big sister too, but Kenya, however, totally gets it. She tells everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) about her baby in mommyʼs tummy. Kenyaʼs joy is priceless. She will have Isabelle in-the-know in no time. Please keep Michelle in your prayers as she is sick fairly often. We know that her sickness means that the baby is doing well, but it is uncomfortable for her and makes her feel miserable. Pray also for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Our summer plans have changed too. We were leading the Philippines team together; however, now that Michelle is due at the end of August, I will be going without her and the kids. I wonʼt be away for as long as I was the last time we did this. We will only be apart for four weeks. We want to thank everyone who have already given to the girlsʼ summer expenses. We have truly been touched by your faithfulness. All funds that have been received will go towards the girlsʼ next summer trip. We have been so blessed and encouraged by each one of you who allow us and our girls to continue to do the work of the Lord here at Teen Missions. Our team project will be to complete construction of new dorms for the retreat center at the Teen Missions in the Philippines base, and we will have abundant evangelism opportunities in the nearby villages. We want to ask that you pray with us for this team, that God would do great and mighty things in the lives of our team members as well as the people who call the Philippines home. Pray also for our family as we are apart this summer, that He will give us everything we need as we remain faithful to Him.

We were able to go to Canada to see Michelleʼs family for Christmas which is always so much fun. Kenya enjoyed going outside the first week we were there. We made a snowman, went sledding and snow shoeing with her cousins and made lots of snow angels. She also found out that it is not a good idea to make a snow angel face first! The second week it was a little too cold to go outside, but it was nice to have a white Christmas. and want to thank you for your faithful prayers and support this past year. Please continue to uphold us in prayer as we embark on the new journey of 2010. May we have an impact on eternity as we diligently serve in the work the Lord has put before us.

Serving Together,

Mike, Michelle, Kenya, Isabelle & ????

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