Aronson, Emery and Linda (Winter 2010)

Greetings, It is an exciting time for the ministry because this will be Teen Missions 40th anniversary. Over the last 40 years, we have had over 46,123 team members travel throughout the world spreading the Gospel. Along with the Boot Camps in Florida we also have 39 Overseas Boot Camps that happen each year. We are working in 23 countries with 29 bases and 26 Bible schools. We operate 35 AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in Sub-Sahara Africa along with 7 Matron Units. At some of these Units, we have established 21 Sunday schools, 17 Sunday school pavilions and 4 Motorcycle Sunday School Mission circuits. This year, we already have over 250 kids registered for summer teams. Please join with us in prayer that more teens will answer the call to share Christʼs love around the world. The Boot Camps in Brazil, Zambia, Uganda, Honduras, South Africa and Australia have just finished. There are adult teams going to Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. As you can see, there is lots of activity going on even during our “slow” winter months. Matthew had his graduation from the police academy January 7th, and he is now applying for jobs at the local police and the sheriffʼs departments. He is still working at Publix, which gives him enough hours to provide health insurance. Joseph is continuing to work at the Brevard Zoo two days a week. He really enjoys his time there. On the days when he is not at the zoo, he helps at Teen Missions. Emery was busy cutting and folding all the materials that went in the brochure mailing and now is doing the same for the support packet material that go to the team members as they sign up for teams. I am really excited about the Mustard Seeds Team this year. We will being having a cowboy camp theme. The stories will be based around Joseph and all the many trials and blessings that happened in his life. We will use the wordless book colors theme to tell them the story.

Black – He was put in jail, not his fault.

Red – The Cross – follow the narrow path to the cross, Joseph trail blazed to Egypt. White – Saddle up on the journey of faith – Joseph had a good attitude even when things were not positive for him.

Green – Pony Express – keeping on the right path in life to live a life for the Lord and grow. Yellow – Gold Rush – we need to rush for the gold in life and press on for the reward of heaven. Joseph gave up everything to serve God in a unique way just as we need to strive to share about Jesus and live for Him.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

The Aronsons

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