News From Brazil Boot Camp

The DVBS team is such a joy to be with. The leadership has really been working well together and this has passed on to the team members. A team of 10 girls and 5 boys but they have been doing it pretty tough. A lot of walking to areas to do childrens programs, and this latest location has no water available. They are fetching water from the well of a neighbor with their buckets. It’s Boot Camp all over for them with bucket baths and bucket flushing. They told me that they really miss our little lake for bathing in. But their attitudes are very positive and they are really leaving the love of Christ with the children that they come in contact with. One example was at the previous church they stayed at. Two little boys, Rafael and Joel ages 5 and 4, came every day not only for the program but stayed all day. Their home life was very sad. Their mother was a drug addict, no father, no family structure. It was a neighbor that actually took care of them. Their language was very colorful and the team taught them that certain words were not appropriate to say. One day they had to hike a few miles to do a program and told the boys they couldn’t go with the team. When they arrived at the location and started the program, two little faces well known to the team showed up in the crowd of kids. They had followed the team from a distance and every street corner they stopped and kept out of sight until arriving at the church. On the last day the team dressed the two children up as clowns and they participated along with the team that day. Both prayed to receive Jesus as Saviour during the days there and everyone, even the male leaders, cried when it was time to move on to their next location. Two little lives that, Lord willing, have been changed forever by the love of Jesus because of the Adonai Team.

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