Spindler, David and Stephanie (Winter 2010)

Where in the world are David and Stephanie Spindler now? Here we are! We’re at Teen Missions in Merritt Island, Florida.

We arrived here from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Wednesday, December 30th, with our car jam packed with “stuff”! We quickly unloaded and began settling into our house.We had five days to unpack and get things arranged. Of course, we also had to do some shopping for groceries and items we forgot in Michigan.

It seems we arrived just in time for Florida’s winter cold snap! (Actually, we’ve been accused of bringing it with us!) Since the first weekend of January, record or near record cold temperatures have been occurring in much of Florida, making farmers nervous and tourists (who came to escape the cold up north) frustrated. Dave is weathering it just fine, as he had the good sense to bring some of his warmer clothing down. I wasn’t quite so smart, so I’m feeling the chill a bit more.

We began our responsibilities at the Teen Missions International, Inc. headquarters offices on Tuesday, January 5. I (Stephanie) am back at the reception desk, a position I filled for most of the time we were here previously. I’ve found it’s a lot like riding a bike – you just don’t forget. David is in the Finance Department, a familiar location for him. It wasn’t the only area he worked in before, but he did spend quite a while there. We’re thrilled to be back here serving the Lord, and we appreciate your prayers as we learn the changes that have been instituted since we were here before.

We expect to be here in Florida for only four months or so this year (not counting Boot Camp time). As things stand now, we’ll be leading a “Missionaries To Canada” team starting some time in April. After their training at the Teen Missions in Canada property in Saskatchewan, we’ll bring them to Florida for the Boot Camps. David and I will then lead an Early Boot Camp team, the Greece/Bulgaria team. When our summer team finishes, we’ll return to Canada with the “Missionaries To Canada” traveling through western Canada, doing evangelistic ministry, moving to different communities each week. If your church would like to host the “Missionaries To Canada”, please contact the Teen Missions in Canada office. We look forward with great excitement to this traveling evangelism team, and hope to see some of you in our travels.

When the “Missionaries To Canada” take their Christmas break, David and I plan to return home to Ishpeming, Michigan, for Christmas with Azzie and Jason & Olga. At the present time, it is unclear how long we’ll be able to stay, though we are hoping for 3-5 weeks, allowing us both our Christmas break and time for deputation. However, that will depend on the needs of the ministry.

To one and all we say “THANK YOU” for your role in our ministry. Prayer partners, financial supporters, all are equally important to our opportunity to be here in ministry, and we greatly appreciate every one of you. May the Lord bless you greatly for the role you play in enabling us to serve the Lord here at Teen Missions.

Together in His Service,

David and Stephanie Spindler

Romans 10:14,15


• A safe move and smooth settling in process

• God’s provision

• Faithful friends and prayer partners


• For our continuing adjustment to our new responsibilities and location

• For our leadership roles in 2010

• For God’s provision – team members and leaders for the summer teams, their support, and our support.

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