Chicas, Chico and Kathy (Winter, 2010)

Dear Friends and Family in the Lord, Today is January 8, 2010, and we have just finished the 10 days of Boot Camp training here at Teen Missions in Honduras. As I am writing this, two of the teams have already left for their projects early this morning and the other three are getting ready to leave. Has this been a hard Boot Camp? Yes! But was God good? You better believe it! Just a few of the challenges: the day before Boot Camp was to begin, one leader broke his arm and one of the volunteers dislocated his shoulder; another difficulty was the cold and wet weather; a personal one for Kathy was trying to care for the children with the responsibility of the kitchen at the same time. But God showed His faithfulness! We had 104 leaders and team members in all this year, and about 12 volunteers. It was a joy to have the Wells family with us from Salem Evangelical Church in Oregon. Please pray for them as they were sensing God’s confirmation to return as staff and help us out here! One of the team members who was a great example to us this year is named Julio Cesar. He was in a motor vehicle accident last year and suffered great injuries to his brain. He was in a coma for 18 days and when he came out of it, he said, “If God saved my life, I will spend it for Him!” Even though he has a metal plate in one leg, he never complained about anything and always had a smile on his face. We want to thank all of you who were praying because we know God worked through you. We praise the Lord for good health throughout Boot Camp, the strength, motivation, and wisdom needed to keep going each day even when we wanted to give up. One of the biggest blessings that makes it all worthwhile are the lives that are changed. There were twelve teens who accepted Christ during Boot Camp and we trust there will be many more over the next few weeks while they’re on their projects.

One of the highlights of Boot Camp is the commissioning/graduation of our Bible School students. This year we had Faustino graduating and Benjamin, Ana, Jorge and Melva commissioned. That leaves only Dunia and Susy here! But we trust that God will bring exactly those that He wants us to have as new students this year. Please pray with us, especially for discernment during the interview process. We want students who are committed to integrity no matter the cost. For that very reason, we sent three students home just a few months ago. We were having some problems at the school and we cannot afford to compromise the testimony of Christ. That is why so many people don’t want to be Christians – it is so easy to see when people live double standard lives. But we want to be different – to show that Jesus does make a difference in our lives!

Family notes: We were blessed to have Kathy’s mom with us the last week of November. God worked miracles to get her here so we could be together for a short time. Abigail is growing and learning new things every day. During Boot Camp, she started standing on her own – looks like she’ll be walking soon! May God bless you as we begin a new year living for Him!

Love in Christ,

Chico, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas


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