Kostner, Paul and Beth (Winter 2010)

Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members, Is it as hard for you as it is for us to believe that it is already 2010? We are finally experiencing some winter weather here in Florida, although we know that it will only last about a week. That is about all we can tolerate! We had a wonderful Christmas holiday again this year. We appreciated hearing from so many of you through your cards, letters and gifts! Once again, we stayed home this year. The kids decided that they wanted to “camp” during the holidays. Paul set up the tent in the back yard. They wanted a TV in the tent, but we didn’t think they would get a “full” camping experience with a TV in the tent. However, they did have a small DVD player. They spent a few nights out there, but the cold weather invaded, so they “gave up”. The kids are all back in school and did well this past semester. It is hard to believe that we will have two in middle school next year and that Lindsay is going to be a senior. We will be spending her spring break this year looking at different Christian colleges in the southeast. Please pray for wisdom for her (and us) and that she will be able to get scholarships, whether they be scholastic and/or sports. This school year is harder for her (she has two AP courses), so please pray that she will stay focused. Colton is still loving middle school which has improved his performance in school. Danae is getting tired of grade school and is definitely looking forward to “changing classes” in middle school. BJ is still playing soccer, even though we are between seasons. He played in a tournament in south Florida this past weekend. Lindsay’s regular high school soccer season is winding down. She has started in all but two games and is doing very well this year. They have started their postseason run this week and they, like all high school teams, are hoping to make it to “State”. Danae will be playing “Upward Basketball” this spring. She is not sure which sport she wants to focus on—soccer or basketball. We are excited about our summer plans. This is our year to serve on a team and we have been asked to lead the China Camp Team. Our team will be working at the “Joy On The Journey” camp where we will be involved in expanding the kitchen and bathroom facilities, laying new water pipes and building a challenge course. We will be located about 250 miles from Bejing, outside of Taiyuan City. We have always had a heart for Asia, so we are really excited about leading this team. Colton will be going as a team member on our team this summer, while Danae and BJ will be going as “family members”. In order for our children to participate with us this summer, we will have to raise approximately $6700. We are confident that the Lord will supply this need if this is what He wants us to do this summer. We know these times are hard economically, but we would ask that you would pray about partnering with us in this endeavor, either by praying for us and/or supporting us. If you are interested, please fill out the coupon below. All gifts will be tax-deductible. Right now (and that can change), Lindsay is planning on staying home. Please pray that she can find a suitable job in order for her to start saving money for college. She is really looking forward to cutting our grass and keeping the pets and house in order—NOT! We are so thankful that this ministry is not all about us, but that the Lord is doing some amazing things all over the world through those who serve with this ministry. We wanted to give you a little update on an “unusual” blessing in Brazil. We really got a laugh out of an email that we recently received from our coordinators there and we wanted to share it with you. They are a precious family who have faithfully served there for many years. “It has been very dry which has kept the jungle down, but another great blessing has been a neighbor’s cow that comes over every evening. She has kept the grass down at such a rate that I haven’t had to get the machete out for the past month. I have also been using her deposits to bless the fruit trees. Then, the other day, I realized this cow is an angel in disguise because she now deposits right at the foot of the tree itself! Talk about going the extra mile.” Thank you for serving with us through your prayers and support. You are not only making an impact in our lives and the lives of our children, but you are also making an impact in countless ways all over the world! May God bless you for your faithfulness!!!!

In Christ,

Paul, Beth, Lindsay, Colton, Danae, and B.J. Kostner

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