Bobb, Shannon and Vikki (Winter, 2010)

I certainly wish I could send you greetings from warm, sunny Florida, but the first two weeks of January have felt more like Ohio winter days. This morning it was 25 degrees and we saw sleet yesterday! When we left Ohio, we were so anxious to get back to warm weather. Boy, were we mistaken! I have missed the warmth of my sister, Dawn’s family room, and her wood-burning stove. When it is this cold, there is such comfort in a warm fire! This is just like the Lord’s blessings that warm our hearts when we need to be warmed. The cold has been really difficult on so many things around here. One thing that concerned our family was how the homeless would survive during the cold nights. Since returning from his summer mission trip, Canaan has had a real burden to reach out to the many homeless in our area. So, yesterday, we gathered blankets and sweatshirts from our closets and cooked hot dogs and then Shannon, Canaan, and some other folks from TMI delivered them to some homeless men. While there, they shared their faith and asked the men if they knew the Lord. Canaan then asked them what items they needed the most. He is working to collect some of the items on their list and deliver them soon. I am so proud of his compassionate heart and his courage to share his faith with others. God is doing a mighty work in His heart and I can’t wait to see the plans He has for him! We spent two and half weeks in Ohio over Christmas visiting with friends and family. Our trip to Ohio was certainly scenic this time. While traveling north on I-95 in South Carolina, we received a call from my niece’s husband that all roads north of Charlotte were closed due to a huge snowstorm. So we decided our only route was to detour to Atlanta and follow I-75 north. Our 15 hour trip turned into a 20+ hour one. We are thankful that we arrived safely and that we were able to dodge the bad roads and snow. We heard that some people were stranded for over 20 hours in West Virginia. God was certainly watching over us! Our time in Ohio was such a blessing. We were able to visit several churches. We want to thank everyone who so graciously welcomed us and allowed us to share about the ministry of Teen Missions. Our schedule included: December 20th – Storms Chapel December 23rd – Storms Chapel December 24th – Christmas Eve Service at Bainbridge UMC December 27th – Liberty Hill Christian Union AM service – Buchanan Christian Union PM service December 29th – Oswego Community Church, Otway, OH December 30th – Mt. Tabor Community Church January 1st – Buchanan CU Church Famine for AIDS orphans January 2nd – Our “Thanks for Giving” Spaghetti Dinner January 3rd – New Bethel Christian Union Church AM service – Bethel Chapel Christian Union Church PM service We are so thankful for the time we had with so many wonderful people, but we wish we had more time because there were so many more people we wanted to see. –they are at the top of our “must see” list for next year! 🙂 We plan to spend at least three full weeks in Ohio next December. We were blessed by the 92 people who came to our Thanks For Giving dinner. What a privilege to serve those who so freely give so we can serve the Lord here. Thank you so much for all you do for our ministry at Teen Missions. The new year brings some exciting changes to our lives here at Teen Missions. Shannon has been busy packing bags and preparing for the adult teams that will be traveling to minister in Africa over the next few months. Shannon is also making plans to train our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center students how to ride motorcycles so they will be prepared when they serve their one-year internship overseas. He has also been “commissioned” to build an ark for an obstacle course here at the Lord’s Boot Camp. I (Vikki) have been asked to oversee the Personnel Dept. here and attend to the needs of the many staff not only here in Florida, but overseas as well. It is an exciting opportunity, but a bit overwhelming as well. I have also been teaching a class for the BMW school and cooking for the students on Friday’s. Please remember us in prayer that we will honor God in all that we do. This summer, we have been asked to lead a team back to Samoa to do tsunami relief. The Island of Western Samoa was devastated by a wave of three tsunamis in October 2009. Many of the areas we visited and worked in were completely destroyed. We hope to help to rebuild this nation and share God’ love with those hardest hit by this tragedy. Canaan plans to travel back to Russia. His team will help to run a Boot Camp to send out Russian teams on missions work. His team will also use soccer and volleyball as an evangelism tool in nearby towns and villages. Taylor will be an assistant leader on a team to China where they will do building projects at a Christian camp. Please remember our family in prayer as we prepare for our summer ministry and raise the necessary expenses for our children to serve on their summer teams. We will need to raise over $10,000.00 for the cost of our four children. In closing, we would like to share a recent story that came in from one of our bases oversees. Mukema, Zambia “Only if I had died in my Mother’s womb, it could have been better. How I wish I was not born.” The words of Brian Kazeba, age 16, who was born at the time his parents were getting a divorce and is now an orphan. Being kept by his uncle he has become a farm worker, more like a slave. Brian has been denied education and twice threatened to be sold in the Congo. Several times he has been told that if he wants to start school and receive new clothing, he should go to the grave and ask his parents for money to meet his needs. This hurt has caused Brian to be filled with bitterness and brokenness. Brian has no proper clothing or bedding. His feet are constantly swollen because of the thorns, which pierce his skin. As we share the burdens which people bear, we ask you to join us in prayer. It’s through the power of prayer that people lives are changed. Brian has allowed us to administer spiritual counseling, which has helped in breaking the spirit of bitterness. Despite the uncle denying Brian the privilege to go to school, he has forgiven him and been released from the heart felt hurt. This is the impact Motorcycle Sunday School Mission is having upon people’s lives. It’s bringing reconciliation and mending broken families. Thank you Father for the ministry of MSSM that is reaching people like Brian.

Thank you Jesus for the supporters who have graciously sacrificed much to make this ministry possible.

The Bobb Family

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