Wald, Christine (Winter 2010)

Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members, The following takes place weekdays between 7:50AM and 5:00PM.

07:50:00 AM Every morning the staff and Bible school students of Teen Missions gather for chapel. We begin by praying through our overseas bases and their specific prayer requests.

08:00:00 AM Chapel officially begins with the opening of our hymnbooks as we sing through one hymn, followed by one of our staff sharing a short devotional. After going through announcements and prayer requests we close in a word of prayer.

08:30:15 AM The Bible school students make their way to begin their first class. The staff make their way to their offices, sometimes gathering around the Publix truck to check out what bread and pastries were donated that day from the local grocery store that we can take and use at home. Back in my office I begin to sort through the emails from registered team members and their parents who have sent in a photo for me to use on their prayer cards. I print 100 prayer cards for each team member and leader. Then they are matched up with their team’s support letter and mailed out to help them raise support for their summer expenses.

09:17:47 AM Staff newsletters, after being typed and proofed, show up on my desk ready to be designed. Three times a year we design over 30 newsletters that are sent out to each staff’s mailing list of former team members, friends, family and supporters. I place the text, manipulate pictures and make everything fit into our standard format for prayer letters. With some staff wanting as many as 50 pictures to show about their summer team in one letter, I might have to add a separate page just for pictures.

11:00:00 AM Every Monday for one hour I am assigned to the Prayer Closet. Every hour of each workday we have someone in the Prayer Closet to pray through a notebook filled with prayer requests for every part of the ministry including AIDS Orphans, Motorcycle Sunday School Mission, and all of our overseas bases, Boot Camps, staff and students. Also, each registered team member has a prayer card in the Prayer Closet. Each team member is prayed for each day. Their prayer card is also hung in the main hallway of the office so we can see our teams grow and get to know each one of them by name.

1:00:00 PM Each department meets for prayer and announcements before we begin our afternoon work. The students are finished with their classes for the day and have joined us in the office to do their work training. I have one student learning graphics.

3:43:14 PM The fixer and developer chemicals are mixed and the processor is warming up. Each job that needs to be printed on either the one-color press or the two-color press is laid out on film and the image burned onto a plate that fits onto the drum of the press. Newsletters, brochures, support letters and any other job that needs more than 500 copies is sent to film to be printed in our printshop.

4:54:26 PM Looking back on my afternoon, filled with so many different jobs from scanning pictures, taking staff photos, printing passport pictures, laminating phonics alphabets to be sent to Africa, printing banners on the large format 42” printer, making calendars, posting pictures on the web or designing debrief books in different languages, each day has different challenges and keeps me extremely busy.

5:00:00 PM The bell rings, work is over, computers are shut down and the staff gather outside the office to pray once more together before heading home.

After work you may find me riding my bike home, working out at the gym, visiting friends, washing my car or simply catching up on episodes of “24”. Though my life doesn’t seem quite as exciting as Jack Bauer’s, I hope that this letter will let you in on some of the ways Teen Missions is different than other workplaces.

I have just completed eight years serving with Teen Missions! I was blessed to be able to be in Minnesota for Christmas this year. It was only my third time home for Christmas since I joined staff as I am usually overseas during this time. What really separates Teen Missions from other workplaces is that none of the staff receive a salary. Each of us is living month to month on donations from various individuals and churches. We are a completely faith-based ministry and I know that I couldn’t be here without all of you. Your prayers and continued faithfulness in giving over the years is an amazing blessing. I cannot even begin to put into words how much I appreciate your support. God has always provided for every need and nowhere is a better place to be than in the center of His will.

This summer I am scheduled to lead the Madagascar Team. My team will be flying into Antananarivo and traveling two days south by truck to Vangaindrano. Teen Missions started a second Madagascar Bible school in Vangaindrano and my team will be continuing construction on the 90’x120’ Bible school building. For almost a year the students have been cooking outside, sleeping in tents and holding classes under a thatched roof. Already three guys and three girls are signed up to go. What an adventure!

In Christ,

Christine Wald


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