Powell, David and Becca (Winter, 2010)

As we reflect back on 2009, it truly stands as a monumental year full of miracles once again by the hand of God! It was just a year ago last November that we felt the call to serve the Lord with Teen Missions. From January to April, God sold our house and belongings, raised our financial support and took us to Florida, all within four months time! June 21st, our family arrived in Belize with a team of 17 youth and 34 duffel bags, 10 of which contained our personal items. Only three months later, September 22, God opened the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center for the local youth here in Belize. January 4th began our second term with the school, now consisting of six students. We are astounded by God’s mighty hand that has led the way and His love that has carried us through. Our God is a miracle working God! Many thanks to each of you who have supported us, encouraged us, and prayed for us each step of the way. Your friendship is priceless! We also want to give God praise for removing what seemed to be a huge mountain before us. Some of you were aware of the battle we fought upon our arrival here in Belize with our visas and the fines inflicted upon us. As of December 19th, our work visas were approved here and our monthly fee that would have doubled in December is now only an annual fee. This second semester we have begun to incorporate ministry in our school and reach out to those around Honey Camp Lagoon. There are about 50 families sharing this remote jungle area with us, most of them being farmers and caretakers of others’ property. Once a month, we are holding a Bible study in our home and also hosting a movie night for those at the Lagoon. They have no transportation to Orange Walk Town to attend a church and many of them cannot read the Bible for themselves. Approximately ten children reside here who do not attend school, and we are praying about starting a homeschool program for them with the assistance of our Bible students. Our next goal is focused on preparing for the summer teams. We are promoting three Belizian teams with approximately 20 youth per team. Each team will begin with the standard Boot Camp training for 10 days here at our base. They will then be commissioned, then go to their project site for the following three weeks where they will work on a building project. They will also be evangelizing through drama and music. Project time is followed by three days of Debrief classes back at Honey Camp Lagoon. We will also be hosting a team of youth from the U.S. They will have completed their Boot Camp training in Florida and will be going directly to their project site in Copper Bank, the hometown of three of our students here at the BMW School. The following is a short testimony from one of our Bible students who travels five hours on a bus to attend the school. Henry is 19 years old and in his second semester of school.

Two weeks after his arrival, he made the decision to be baptized in Honey Camp Lagoon. “I am happy that God gave me the opportunity to be here (Teen Missions) today. Almost two weeks ago, I chose life by fully surrendering my life to God. While I am here, God has been working so amazing in my life. Being here and giving my life to God is the best decision I have made in my life.”

Prayer Requests:

• Pray for wisdom concerning starting a school for the children living at Honey Camp.

• Pray for the students to have understanding in their studies and lectures.

• Pray for the students spiritual growth, integrity and teachable hearts.

• Pray for wisdom and discernment in the decisions we make every day, that we may honor God in all that we do.

• Pray for the summer teams: the youth, volunteers, provision, projects and harmony in the midst of it all.

• Pray for creativity in producing a self-sufficient income for this school.

Your prayers are like the oil that lubricates the gears for us to drive this ministry to which God has led us. Your prayers are so important to us. We are blessed in the Lord as we unify our hearts together in fellowship with the Spirit. Thank you for your financial giving that is needed as this school continues to grow. May you witness the faithfulness of the Lord in this new year as you continue to walk in His truth.

With warm gratitude,

David, Becca, Sarah, Gabriela and Caleb


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  1. I am so ready to go to belize. i have been breaking in my boots and reading over stuff and getting support. i thought it would be hard but this is sooooooo fun.

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