Snell, Andy and Carrie (Winter, 2010)

Dear Family, Friends & Former Team Members, Greetings to all of you in the New Year!! The ushering in of another year always causes us to take a moment to reflect on the previous year. As we look back through 2009, we are reminded time and time again of the Lord’s faithfulness. Through every struggle and in the midst of every blessing, God was there. He enabled us to accomplish a lot at the headquarters as support staff in the Personnel and Print Shop Departments. He took a group of very different teens and leaders, trained and molded us into a unified ministry team to Northern Ireland. There, God allowed us to stay strong in times of persecution, doubt and even fear. He planted the seeds of the Gospel through our efforts. Thank you for being a part of His mighty work in 2009 by partnering with us in your prayers and finances. Now we look ahead to the future with eager anticipation. We know that the Lord has gone ahead and prepared the way for us. Many challenges may lie ahead, but many blessings await as well. Through it all, God will be in the midst of it. God continues to keep us flexible. We have, once again, changed our area of ministry within the many departments of Teen Missions. While Andy continues much of his time in the Print Shop, he will be assisting me in coordinating the Florida Free BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW). This program has been near to our hearts. We both graduated from the BMW program and have assisted in various areas of the school by teaching or ‘adopting’ the students for their time off. In overseeing this program we have had to make some changes in our personal life as well.

We moved our residence out to the Teen Missions property. This enables us to act as dorm parents, allowing us to better get to know the students. Bekah and Drew are thrilled to be living on 250 acres of unexplored adventure!! They love their new ‘backyard’.

BMW program The Bible school opened in 1988 with a goal of providing quality missionary training to those called to the mission field. By making it a work study, Teen Missions is able to provide the training free. Each student takes six terms of Bible classes including practical classes in speech, fund raising, medical missions, Biblical counseling, spiritual life and a study in all of the books of the Bible. As well, each student trains in a specific department every day learning valuable organizational, secretarial and practical skills that will prove invaluable on the mission field. Extra training in lifeguarding, motorcycles, guitar lessons, gardening, maturity classes and ministry outreaches give a well-rounded preparation for life and ministry overseas. We currently have 19 students enrolled in the program. It is a great group of young people. We are thrilled to be a part of training tomorrow’s missionaries. These young adults are our future. They are the next generation to take the Gospel around the world. Summer Ministry We have been asked to lead the Hong Kong, China Team this summer. While Bekah and Drew get a chance to spend the month of July with their grandparents in Illinois, we will be taking a group of teens to Hong Kong to work alongside Youth For Christ (YFC). We will be putting to use all of the evangelism skills we learned at Boot Camp to share Christ in schools, shopping centers, street markets and factory meetings. We hope to learn Cantonese phrases and songs that will make our outreach more effective. We also hope to be a blessing to YFC by painting their 15,000 square foot building. Please join with us in praying for all the preparation that takes place to make this team happen.

Thanks again for being such a vital part of the work that takes place at this ministry. Your prayers and financial gifts make a difference. Thanks for being part of the harvest!!

In Christ’s love,

Andy, Carrie, Bekah, & Drew


  • health and ability to keep serving the Lord
  • the opportunity to work with the BMW students
  • prayer & financial support


  • – daily spiritual growth
  • – wisdom & patience in parenting & coordinating the BMW program
  • – organization, guidance and time management for homeschooling

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