Update From Uganda

The last week of January. was like old home week as we had all the students who had gone to the Promised Land Boot Camp here again. They had good things to say about the BC and their experiences on the teams. It was the first time for most of them to be at a Boot Camp in Uganda, as they are usually at the Tanzania BC. Language wasn’t so much a problem for them, because everyone has to speak English there because the local language is not so widely known.

We tried to clean and inventory and store all the Boot Camp tools and equipment – cooking utensils and tents, etc. It was a good time for hearing stories from the teams and getting to know some of the new students who were coming for Uganda BMW. A few volunteers stayed to help with the work as well, which included working on the staff house. Most of the interns who had come to help with BC went back to their place of internship, and those who were just beginning their internships went to those places where they will serve.

Windows were installed in the staff house, making it look more ready for occupancy. Bricks are being laid on the upper walls to complete the walls up to the roof and the inside walls up to the final level. Plastering has begun this week and there is a lot of activity going on in the staff house.

Maize has been harvested and is being dried. Fields are being made ready for another planting. Vegetable gardens have a new student manager, and seed beds have been planted as the other beds are being made ready for the seedlings. Peppers and onions and garlic are doing well, but rain has been scarce and irrigation is necessary every day. We praise God for the ability to plant and irrigate, thus extending the growing period.

We are selling eggs to other buyers now, as we have about 10 extra trays a week. This is a blessing. We plan to purchase more chicks to begin a new project. We also expect to fill a fish pond that we have emptied with new fry.(Newly hatched fish)


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