Final Day of Brazil Boot Camp

The Rafa Team went to Barcarena, an island near Belem. One day they were doing door to door evangelism and a man near a bar advanced on them aggressively. They passed by without any incident and on return they were invited into a house to pray for a lady. She shared about some of the problems her family was having and they shared with her about Christ. She brought out her husband and children to listen to the team members and they saw that it was this same man. This time he was much calmer. They shared and the whole family prayed to receive Jesus. What a victory.

At Bridging the Gap we had 117 out of the 160 step forward to commit themselves to the Lord in full-time service, saying “Here am I Lord, send me”.

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  1. I’m really happy ’cause I participated of this boot camp in Brazil,but I was in Shalom Team.I had a wonderful experience during those days.God blessed me a lot.I’m satisfy and happy to be God’s daughter.God bless you….

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