Maher, Tom and Linda (Winter, 2010)

Dear Friends, Happy New Year! Our “word” of the year for 2010 is DOOR. As our theme verse, we are using Colossians 4:3, “At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ” I (Tom) have found that on a daily basis I am consistently opening doors–doors to my house, my office, my car and to every store or location I journey to. I have been challenging our family to be a light of the Gospel once they open the door. We all have different spheres of influence, but we must be faithful to be a light once we enter the door. I am also looking forward to new doors of opportunities to be opened for us in ministry. At times, doors are open and what is waiting on the other side are things we never expected or wanted. However, I am convinced that God goes ahead of the door and He is waiting on the other side. We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was great to include Deena’s parents in our day. We diverted from tradition and had homemade pizzas and salad. Everyone enjoyed it so much we just may do it again. Homemade pizza at the Maher house has been a Saturday night tradition for many many years. It has evolved into homemade sauce, dough and the selection of the finest ingredients. The kids often tease Linda about opening a restaurant. Anytime you are near our home, give us a call and we will have you in for some Maher pizza! We left December 26th and headed north to represent the ministry of Teen Missions and AIDS Orphans at the Urbana Missions Conference, held this year in St. Louis, MO. It is always a blessing to share our ministry with others. We ran into former team members and made many new friends as well. Following the conference, we stayed north (and it was way too cold for us Floridians) until we returned home on January 25th. It was a joy to fellowship with our supporters, friends and family, and to become acquainted with some new folk. We were honestly refreshed, renewed and now feel ready to get back into our jobs. Our first day home we ended up in the ER with our son, Zachary. Over the next few days, he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. He was severely dehydrated, had lost 15 pounds (at 6 ft tall, he weighs 124 pounds) and his blood sugar was close to coma level. In all of this we have seen God’s GRACE. He protected Zachary from an accident or permanent damage to vital organs. It has been a life-changing experience for all of us as we met with specialists and dieticians and have learned about life with a diabetic. We are all getting good at giving insulin shots, which he is taking seven times a day. He does not have any insurance and yet we have seen the Lord provide. He will need an insulin pump soon and the doctor has arranged for it to be donated. Pray for us as we will need to find a policy he can afford or some type of assistance as his monthly medical supplies are around $400. In spite of all that has happened, Zachary, Linda and I are at peace. We know that God is our provider and that if He has allowed Zachary to walk this path, He will supply each need.

I will be in Cameroon from February 6 to March 6. Linda will remain home with the boys. I am so grateful that she can be with them, especially now. Daniel needs some extra push in school right now and Zachary needs mom as he gets his blood sugar regulated and regains his strength. I am going over to Africa with a team of eight adults. We will travel to our newest AIDS Orphan Rescue Unit to wash the feet of orphans and fit them with new shoes. I will remain two weeks after the team returns to attend to the business of the base. Linda will have her hands full with her department jobs, teaching in the Bible school and caring for our boys. Kalah is also still living at home and is currently taking classes two days a weeks, student teaching and working. We feel like she is a revolving door but when she stops, she and mom have way too much fun together. The newlyweds are doing great, in fact, they just closed on their first home.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are so blessed! Together we are taking the Gospel through many open doors!

Because He Lives,

Tom and Linda


• Protection on our trip up north

• The encouragement we received from friends, family and supporters

• God’s grace in the life of Zachary.

Prayer Requests:

• That we will do all we do to the glory of God.

• Wisdom in our jobs

• Provision of either insurance or assistance for Zachary’s medical needs

• Consistent monthly financial support

• That our staff and students in Cameroon will continue to do all to the Glory of God.

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