Vanderpool, Kathy (Winter, 2010)

Dear Family and Friends, The year 2010 always seemed so far into the future to me, but here we are already heading into the second month of this year. On January 7, our Director, Bob Bland, and his wife headed to Africa for two months. The first month has been spent looking for property to reach the Yao people.

Yao in Malawi
Yao people

This is the name of an African tribe that is very clannish, steeped in ancestral worship and also are Muslims. A Yao Chief has given us favor and we now have land. A work team just built a Rescue Unit and one of our married couples will be the facilitators. The husband is from the Yao tribe so this is a great advantage for starting the new work there. We are asking 1,000 people to join in prayer for this hard to reach people group. Our property is right in the middle of the “devil’s backyard”. When the Lord opens doors for us to go through, you know the Lord has some great things to do. But we need the prayer support to begin this Yao base. Contact us here at the office if you would like to pray daily for this new work. We will soon have information on our website. We can’t start construction on the Bible School until we have 1,000 people willing to pray daily. The first missionaries that came to the Yao tribe were David Livingstone and five others. All five missionaries died and are buried in Malawi. It is exciting to think that we are carrying on the work begun by these men. In all the years they shared Jesus, only one person came to the Lord. The patch we have been able to purchase audio Yao Bibles that students/staff have been able to hand out. The Yao Bible is in the process soon to be printed. Many Yao are unable to read, so the audio Bibles have been well received.

JANUARY We had an adult team of six who went to Malawi, January 11 – 30. They were building benches for the Sunday School circuits, visiting the Rescue Units and also attending a Sunday school. The team is now safely home and I’m sure they are enjoying telling stories of the great things that happened while in Malawi.

FEBRUARY February brings me to trying to get big projects organized before I head to Zimbabwe. There will be another adult team of nine that will be heading to Cameroon. In February as well, they will be washing the orphans’ feet and each orphan will receive a new pair of socks and shoes. Most of the children have never owned a pair of shoes before. What a blessing for this team.

Mustard Seeds
Mustard Seed Commissioning

MUSTARD SEED PROGRAM The Mustard Seed program is going to have a “cowboy camp” theme this year. TMI has been building covered wagons that will sleep six people, and they will be staying in them. I have some stick ponies and a couple of horse swings made from mobile home tires that will be used for bronco riding. We will tell the wordless book story through the themed cowboy camp and maybe do some barrel races. Dad is going to help build some props. There are memory verses, crafts and Bible stories to prepare before it begins.

From March 3 – 21, I will be traveling with seven other adults to Zimbabwe. This is the first team that has been able to go to Zimbabwe. We have an Orphan Rescue Unit that started a couple of years ago and we have a Bible School and Boot Camp that have continued to run. The country of Zimbabwe has been in turmoil for several years now. Please pray for us as we travel and have the opportunity to help with the orphan ministry. We hope to be an encouragement to the staff and students as well. Visitors are always considered a great blessing to the African people, so I pray this team will be a blessing.

MISSIONARIES TO CANADA It has been a few years since we have been able to run a Missionaries To America program. We have not been able to get them into the country because visas have been denied. This April, Lord willing, 10 young people from Indonesia, China, and Korea will be coming to our new office in Outlook, Canada.

TMC Camp Outlook
Camp Outlook, Saskatchewan

They will be coming in the middle of April. I, along with the leaders of the team, and my sister, Barb, will be spending about three weeks training them to travel throughout Canada (and we hope for a few months in America as well) holding evangelism programs. They will be called Missionaries to Canada. Please pray for me as I try to get the training materials together, and for my sister as she will be preparing the music for the team. All of these projects need to be ready before I leave for Zimbabwe. When I return I will just have a couple of weeks to prepare before I head to Canada. Following our time in Canada, it will be a week before Barb and I will cook for the Annual Board meeting. A couple weeks later, it will be time for Mustard Seed Boot Camp.

ZAMBIA DRILL TEAM There’s a new team this year. It is called the Zambia Drill Team. This team is to learn drills that we can take to Zambia and train the orphans to use as an evangelism tool. So far there are only four that have signed up. Please pray that the Lord will continue to place the team members that we will need. It will certainly be a new adventure for me as I will be learning a new evangelism tool. Each day, week and month is filled with something new to learn—prepare for adult teams, Mustard Seeds, Missionaries To Canada, and keeping up with the daily office responsibilities.

I am so thankful that the Lord allows me to serve here at Teen Missions. Thank you for your faithful support and prayers that keep me going!

Because of Him,

Kathy Vanderpool


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