Yoder, Robert and Dorah (Winter, 2010)

Rob and Dorah Yoder
Rob and Dorah Yoder

Dear Family and Friends, Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus. We pray that by God’s grace and mercy He will continue to sustain you daily and load you with blessings.

Zambia Boot Camp

As for Zambia, we are doing fine. We just finished our four Zambian Boot Camps. We were blessed to lead a “home team” that was named “Kansenshi”. It was here at our base. We had 19 team members and five leaders on the team. During our project time, we started extending one of the staff houses, adding on more room. We went from the foundation up to the fifth course by the end of the project. Part of the team helped with the chicken chores and the pig chores every day. We were able to go out and evangelize also in the three nearest compounds. Forty-two people gave their lives to Christ during our project time. We really enjoyed our project time. With God’s help, we encouraged and prayed for one of our team members who did not hear properly. Thank God that by the end of the Boot Camp he was at least able to hear us without shouting.

Zambia BC Team
Kansenshi Team

Trips To The “Bush”: Robert went to Muchinchi, Ngosa, Mibende and Kansoka Rescue Units recently to do visits. He is gone right now until the 7th of February. Then he will be back at the base where he will continue with his duties here.

Dorah’s Activities: I continue working with the kids from Dola Hill. Also, I help clean and pack eggs to be sold each day, and I help with the sewing of uniforms for the orphans.

New Baby Coming: Allow us to thank God and share with you that we are expecting a little one in the next two months. So we ask you to stand with us and pray for the safe delivery and for a healthy baby. Thank you!

Last but not least, we want to thank you all for supporting us faithfully. Know that you are on our hearts. We love you and are always praying for you that God will continue to bless you and everyone connected to your lives. God bless you and keep you in His care.


Robert and Dorah Yoder

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