Hungry Stomachs

Zambia AIDS Orphans

From Zambia comes this update from the Lufwanyama AIDS Orphans and Street Children Rescue Unit:

Hendrix and Boax are BMW interns at Lufwanyama.  They are working with 150-200 orphans at this time.  They are constantly challenged as they give out the Word of God.  They realize that they also need to minister to their physical needs (“hungry stomachs”) and to their need for school.  They are helping as many as possible right now.  They hope to get the preschool going soon as the mothers are asking (begging) for this to be available.

Hendrix writes:

“I want to tell you about a grandfather by the name of Maybin, age 70, at the village of Sitolongo.  He stays with his granddaughter, Agness.  Both of her parents have passed away.  She is 12 years old and in grade 8.  Her grandfather could not manage to support her for school. I shared the power of the Word of God to them.  He said to me, “I have never, ever thought of becoming a Christian due to my situation.” But by the time I finished the conversation with him about this matter, the grandfather recognized how much God loves him.  He needs more help so that he can be a strong Christian. Also the granddaughter, too, needs help for school uniforms and school fees. It is a challenge to all of us. Pray every time you can to God for the people with all passion.


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