Chicas, Chico & Kathy (Spring, 2010)

Dear Friends and Family,

Daniel and Samuel working on the new house

Since our winter newsletter is sent to the Print Shop before the Honduras Boot Camp is over, we always share in our spring newsletter about the great things God did while the teams were on their projects. There were 85 team members on five teams this year:

The Siguatepeque Team built a church – Highlight: The pastor of this congregation had already estimated how much money would be needed for a building and was praying for that amount. When we contacted him we didn´t know, but the amount we gave was exactly what he was praying for!

The Choluteca Team built an addition onto a church.

The Cuzuna Team held VBS for hundreds of Garifuna children on the Northern coast of Honduras – this is an area where there is a lot of witchcraft and the team actually felt spiritual and physical attacks. They wanted to leave but after praying, God gave them the courage to stick it out!

The Maraita Team did evangelism in southern Honduras.

The Tolpanes Team did evangelism among one of the few tribes still left in Honduras. They persevered through a lot of walking – about six hours each day! One of the amazing things God did was to put the only girl in the whole Boot Camp who knew Sign Language on this team because they visited a family with three deaf children! She shared the Gospel with them and the whole family accepted Christ!

Besides the 12 who accepted Christ at Boot Camp, 95 people accepted Christ through the evangelism of the teams during their project time! We praise the Lord for the new believers and pray that they will grow in their understanding and love for the Lord. Back at the base for Debrief, 62 of the young people made a commitment to serve the Lord full-time! We pray that these youth will be faithful to carry out what God has called them to do.

A very different event during Debrief this year was a wedding! Two of our students who commissioned during Boot Camp, Benjamin and Ana, were married during Debrief! Because of their love for each other and the ministry of Teen Missions, they decided to join staff and made a three-year commitment. This is truly an answer to prayer for us because we have been praying for more staff ever since we got here! They are a great couple and a huge help to us here.

One big way they have helped is that with Ana in the kitchen, Kathy can now spend more time with the children. Daniel (11) and Samuel (9) are being homeschooled this year and they really enjoy it. They also have their own garden to cultivate. Between work and play, there’s not enough hours in the day!

February 15 was a big day at Teen Missions in Honduras. It was Abigail´s first birthday and it was also the first day of classes for 2010! We praise the Lord for both. Abigail is healthy and started walking almost right on her birthday. Her own little personality is showing to be well-formed already. We also thank the Lord for the five new students He brought to us this year. Eliut and Omara, a married couple, Mahely, Jose Angel, and Mario make up the class of 2010. Along with Dunia and Susy from last year, we have seven students total. Please pray with us that they will all be willing to be molded by the Lord into servants of integrity with a passion for the lost and a love for the Lord that grows stronger all the time.

The students have continued with their ministry to the elementary and high school students in San Isidro. What we are praising the Lord for is another answer to a lot of prayer – we have finally been given the green light and have started ministering at one of the high schools in Santa Cruz! The first time we went, there were approximately 400 teenagers that attended! This is just one of the many ways your financial support has had an impact. Because we have enough funds to purchase a few little snacks and prizes, hundreds more high school students will be hearing the Gospel message on a regular basis! Thank you! For those faithful prayer warriors out there, please pray that our students will never run out of creative ideas and energy to minister. They are always practicing new dramas because they are constantly being invited to share at community events. And, of course, we gladly take advantage of every opportunity to share Christ! One of the events we were invited to was the celebration of Father’s Day at a school in Santa Cruz. Our students presented a drama and Chico gave a message to about 300 fathers who attended with their children. We pray that God’s word leaves an impression on their hearts that they will never forget.

Chico's father

The month of March brought two groups from our home church, Salem Evangelical. Even though we never asked for it, they felt in their hearts to build us a bigger home. With our growing family, our quarters were getting quite cramped! What a blessing to have people who show their love for the Lord in so many ways. It was great to have the groups here, to get to know them better, and we know there were many more who didn’t come, but gave and prayed. God’s word says that when we all work together like a body, that is when we bring praise and glory to His name. So, in this case, all the praise and glory to Him! The first group laid a very solid foundation, and the second group got all the outside block walls up. Then they left the funds for the house to be finished. God had his hand in that, too. You see, Chico’s father is a builder and he had been out of work. So he agreed to come and finish the house! Not only do we know he will do a good job, but it provides more fellowship between him and Chico than they’ve ever had in their lives!

If all goes as planned, our family should be in Oregon from about May 7th until about June 14th, 2010. We may not be able to see all of you, but we sure would like to see as many as possible.

Praising the Lord for all He has done and looking forward to what He has to come,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas


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