Wald, Christine (Spring, 2010)


Dear Friends & Family,

I spend most of the year packed away in the closet next to the black duffel bag. As the days get longer and it starts to get hot outside, I know that I will soon be brought out to do my job. I am eight years old now, my leather is worn and faded, but I can still get that shine when I am polished. I am only 6” tall and though I don’t have steel toes, I have always protected my owner’s feet.

One of the first jobs I will do with my owner will be to break through the spider webs and into the mosquito-infested jungle to set up tents for our summer mission team. I remember one year it was so muddy and the tentsite was completely underwater. I was soaked. My owner had to stack two or three concrete blocks to get the platforms above water. We’ve had some pretty big rains, but hopefully it will dry out before June.

Desire & Garrafina

We have 20 team members and two leaders this year, so we will have to set up 12 tents before the team members arrive June 23. This year my owner is taking me to Madagascar. We have never been there before. The other leader, Desire, is from Madagascar and is traveling to Florida at the end of April so we can meet him and he can experience our Boot Camp. It is Desire’s first time to travel out of his country. He knows English, but in Madagascar they speak Malagasy.

There are quite a few overseas staff coming back to Florida for Boot Camp this year Teen Missions is celebrating it’s 40th birthday. I look forward to hearing Marilyn Laszlo at our Missions Conference. She has great stories of her time as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. We also have a few special events planned to celebrate this milestone.

Boot Camp is a very busy time, but I think it will be especially busy this year. We are doing something that we have never done before. We are printing the 2011 Summer Teams brochure in July. This

Desire's house

means all the written copy, prices and pictures will need to finalized before Boot Camp so my owner has time to put the design together and get the final ok to print before we leave for Madagascar. My owner is also responsible for printing everyone’s name tags with their picture on it, getting their signature and laminating it for each person who comes in the gate over the summer. Her other responsibilities include getting pictures of all the activities and posting the pictures on the facebook page of Teen Missions. She will be able to take me off and set me aside for only a few hours while lifeguarding at the pool or sleeping in her tent.

Another ministry of Teen Missions is the life-size Old Testament Tabernacle. In the beginning of May my owner is leaving on a bus trip with a group to set up the Tabernacle in Hudson, Wisconsin. It just happens to be just a few miles down the road from where she grew up. The Tabernacle will be at the Teens For Christ property and open for tours from May 15-October 15, 2010. All proceeds go to help AIDS Orphans and Street

Our summer work project


I don’t know how many years I can travel with my owner before she replaces me with new boots, but I know that she loves the opportunities she has to make a difference in the lives of people with both spiritual and physical needs overseas and she couldn’t do any of that without all of your prayers and support.

Thank you,

Christine Wald’s Boots


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