Will, Gayle (Spring, 2010)

No, I haven’t gone to be with the Lord.

Will family reunion in Oklahoma

Yes, I am still on Teen Missions staff.

The house next door came up for rent, so Rock, Deb and Ted live next door to me!

Craig gave all us a scare when he went into the hospital in Canada with Congestive Heart Failure. He is back at work and recovering. I wasn’t able to go to Canada as my passport had expired. I am so grateful that the miles that separate us from the people we love do not limit prayer. Please continue to pray for his total recovery!

Lacy and Me

I am so thankful the Lord brought me through a 10-day stay in the hospital with a

bout of e-coli. I missed all of the 2009 Super Boot Camp. They had me in an area for patients with MRSA; that tells me I should be oh-so-grateful that it was e-coli and NOT MRSA! I lost a lot of blood so I was anemic for some time.

I cannot praise the Lord enough that all of my children were here when I went into the hospital! Actually, they were here BEFORE I went to the hospital; so you can see they didn’t come because it was an emergency!

I thought I might have to sell my house to pay for my hospital stay as I only have Medicare A & B. I am making payments on each of my doctors’ and hospital accounts that accrued while there. Please pray I can get those taken care of soon.

I am so happy my granddaughter, Amber Rambo, has moved from Tennessee to

Amber & me

Florida to help me in so many ways, including “Driving Miss Daisy” when necessary. I do pretty well on my own otherwise. What a joy that Amber and I got to visit Steph at Christmas in Colorado where she is now working.

FaceBook — I thank the Lord for FaceBook — what most call a social network. For me it is a means whereby I can keep in touch with the alumni of Teen Missions and AIDS Orphans and Street Children. I am overjoyed with the kids and leaders the Lord brings to Teen Missions.

I had to put a new roof on my house this spring and redo one bathroom damaged because of the roof damage. It wasn’t done by storms, etc. – just an aging roof so it wasn’t covered by insurance.

Lacy, Steph & Amber

Two of my grandsons, Julian and Tristan Will, are on the Malawi Preteen team this upcoming summer. Jules is the head male leader and Tristan is a team member. I will be so excited to see them at Boot Camp! Would you please pray for them? Thank you!

I am so very grateful for ALL OF MY PRAYER PARTNERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS. Your prayers often provide just what I need at the time of need, without your even knowing about it.

In His love and mine,

Gayle aka Widder

Phil. 4:13,19

491 Seacrest Avenue, Merritt Island, FL 32952

Craig's Family
Family without Gayle Will

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