Chinaka, Charles & Dorcas (Spring, 2010)

Dear Friends,

Rabbits–a greater blessing to AIDS Orphans in Zimbabwe than you'll ever know

We are so glad to have this opportunity to reach out to you all with good wishes at heart. May God richly bless you, “As you go and come back in”.

We are so grateful to have this chance to serve God in Zimbabwe. We have seen many lives being changed as a result of the AIDS Orphans and Street Children Rescue Unit here. Many thanks from our children at the

School boys at TMI Zimbabwe

unit. They are so happy to have the opportunity to go to school. We have three kids who have gone to high school and that puts our numbers to 20 kids and we are going to add our numbers to 30.

We have included accounts of a notorious boy and two albinos.

The notorious boy’s name is Mabutho. He has been surviving by stealing and has terrorized the villages. We thank God for the adult team that came here to Zimbabwe. They prayed for him and now we believe he is going to change.

Rosemary had sores all over her body and she received treatment and she is now healed. Her sister had swollen tonsils and she also was treated. Many kids who had wounds were all treated.

Michelle Wanzo in Zimbabwe

We also want to include Handsome and Samanther in our AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit. These two are albinos. Because albino people have many health issues, they really need help.

We thank God so much for the adult team and the work they have done. They painted the dorms and the orphanage building. They also did window glazing. They worked in the garden and they visited the orphans in their homes. Having them come was not only a big help, but also a big encouragement for all of us.

Thanks to each of you for your prayer support. Life and ministry in Zimbabwe still can be very challenging, so please keep us in your prayers. May the Lord bless you as generously as you bless us.

Your missionaries in Zimbabwe,

Charles and Dorcas Chinaka

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