Deegan, Sean & Sharon (Spring, 2010)

Dearest Friends and Family,

Kieley & Aiden Deegan

The Lord is good all the time. He blesses us in ways that we can never imagine and we praise His Victorious Name. He will never leave us nor forsake us and He provides for our every need. It is with this that we begin this newsletter, especially after celebrating the blessed event of the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

These past few months have seen us through both blessings and trials. Sean and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this past month. We cannot believe it has been five years since we were married and since we first joined Teen Missions as a married couple. So much has happened in those five years. We lived in Belize for a short period of time and helped start the Teen Missions base there. We have been able to travel all over the US and Europe as a family and help bless others with the

Aiden's a happy baby

Lord’s work. Our two biggest blessings of all are our two beautiful children we have been given. We cannot thank the Lord enough for these past five years, nor can we thank Him for giving us each other to spend these years with. Just seeing all the things we have gone through, the Lord has shown Himself faithful in so many things.

Aiden and Kieley are growing so fast. Kieley is getting more used to having a little brother, although she does like to tell me that I was “her mommy first!” She does take care of him really well and is a great helper around the house for me when I need to take care of her baby brother. She is very excited to go to Ireland this summer, even though she thinks we are leaving tomorrow. She knows and recognizes her ABCs and sounds out her letters to make them into words. Homeschooling won’t really start for another year or two, but who says it really needs to start then? She will be four this November. Aiden is going to be 10 months old this month. I cannot believe he is going to be one in just a few months! He took his time when it came to crawling–he just started when he turned

Kieley's our little princess!

nine months. He also doesn’t have any teeth yet. I am not too worried about that. It makes me feel like I have a baby longer and it won’t make me miss that baby stage too soon and make me want to have another one right away. Now that he is crawling, he is everywhere! He is also the fastest baby I have ever seen. I am not quick enough to sweep things up before he gets into my pile of dirt. He is always a happy baby, hardly is he ever cranky.

We are so thrilled to be going to Ireland this year. Sean and I are both a quarter Irish which makes us equally excited. We will be helping a local ministry just outside of Dublin called Ireland Outreach. This ministry provides Bibles and other Christian materials to schools all over Ireland. Ireland Outreach is housed on an 18th century estate and our project is to lay a driveway, build a block barn for storage and landscape around the property. We already have 25 teens signed up for our summer mission trip and can’t wait to meet them when Boot Camp starts in June.

We are so grateful to those who are faithful in their monthly giving. You bless us tremendously and we pray the Lord’s greater blessings on you for your faithfulness. It is because of you that we have been able to stay with Teen Missions for as long as we have. But I am afraid to say that so much more is needed. Our monthly support is very low. Right now we receive just a little over $1,000 a month. For a family of four this is very hard to live off of. In order for our children to come on the

Sean and Kieley

team with us, we need to raise over $1,500 to cover their summer expenses. We know how difficult it is for everyone these days with the economy being the way it is. We have figured out that if everyone who receives this newsletter were to give only $5 to $10 a month, we will be more than over our required monthly budget amount needed for a family of four. Right now, only about 4% of those who receive this letter are supporting us financially. We ask for your help in this, but above all, we ask for your prayers. Prayer is the most powerful thing and we know that the Lord answers them.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we press on to the calling the Lord has placed on our lives. If you wish to contribute for the children’s summer expenses, or to our regular, monthly support, please use the attached coupon. Thank you again for all of your love and support.

Aiden and Kieley

In Christ,

The Deegans

Prayer requests:

– Continued protection over our family as we travel to various parts of the world.

– That Sean and I will be the parents the Lord has called us to be for our children and raise them up      according to His Word.

– That Kieley and Aiden will come to know the Lord at an early age and live their lives serving Him in His calling for them.

– Financial Support

– Our family will continue to grow together in Christ.

– Good health


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