Student outreaches in Brazil

Brazil's student body of 2010

We had 4 decisions for Christ. 3 children accepted Christ under the ministry of our 2nd-year student, Gildo. The other was an adult who was saved during the ministry of our other 2nd year student, Tarcilene when she preached in a church.

Tarcilene shared about the opportunity to lead someone to Christ during her ministry in the town of Braganca. She said that she was very happy to see the Lord’s salvation reaching one more life after sharing a word in one church. This is all proof of the goodness and faithfulness of God, and all glory be given to His name, because one more soul was rescued for His praise.

Two of our staff girls, are on a board in town that represents the welfare of the elderly. We were invited by the local government to participate and we hope this will open doors for future ministry as well as the fact that it helps make Teen Missions here in Brazil better known locally.

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