Cambodian Challenges

We are 85% done with the work inside the building and the work is expected to be slow because

Construction work at Cambodia base

we now have Boot Camp coming so fast. But we aim to get the job done soon.

Youth Leadership Training (YLT)- It officially started the first Sunday of April. We are conducting YLT in two different location and we aim to train leaders to rise up and bring change in this country. Akhim is handling one of the local church class which is situated 20 kilometers from the base; he has the biggest number of students (24). Sarah and Nelly work together for the other location which is 5 kilometers from the base and they have 12 students. We are helping the local church through teaching their young people, at the same time we are promoting the ministry of Teen Missions International Cambodia (TMIC). We are teaching for 2 hours every Sunday for three months. So far we receive good responses.

By next month we will be getting the tents, kitchen materials, construction tools, etc, ready for BC. We are also asking friends to volunteer at BC to teach some classes, OC or help the kitchen. Last Sunday, we have the privilege to promote BC at the International Christian Fellowship where many missionaries and pastors attending.

Some of the children who hang around the base

Hopefully we can speak better Khmer before BC and BMW. Presently Akhim and Nelly are studying Khmer. We are asking God for wisdom in so many ways. We have the children hanging around here and we are thinking of an exciting way to reach them for Christ. We are praying to be warmer to the people around here and be a blessing to the community. The need is great and it would be great if we could contribute something to that.


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