Lane, Bob and Betty (Spring, 2010)

Dear Family and Friends,

Bob giving out Tootsie Pops to the orphanage kids

Warm greetings to you all in Christ Jesus! Florida is finally breaking out of the cold weather. The temperatures are now in the 70’s. The sweet smell of the orange blossoms fill the air, a new birth has appeared. It is like my new birth in Christ Jesus—new life.

Our trip north was the worst Betty and I have ever had. We got sick with a cough and cold that was hard to get rid of–we had to go to doctors in Atlanta for medicine. Ohio was cold–in the teens; in Pennsylvania we were snowed in at the church for 12 hours; from Lancaster, PA to Washington DC the main roads were only one lane with snowbanks on both sides as high as our car.

On our way to Ohio we visited Richard and Carol, my younger brother and his wife, who had recently moved to Tennessee. On our return trip we visited our younger son and his wife near Richmond, VA. After a little R and R, Betty and I returned to our daily duties at the office.

A large group of 50 from Texas came to help us get ready for Boot Camp. They put out all the poles and rigging for our six Big Top tents; painted and lettered our six sets of the books of the Bible; and painted a few of the buildings. They were heaven sent!

In April, I went to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad to prepare sites for 2011 teams. The trip went well. I was able to take 48 lbs of beans, 20 lbs of peanut butter, 60 bars of soap, 60 tubes of toothpaste, 60 packs of dental floss, 60 tooth brushes, and 100 tootsie pops (as a sweet diversion) to distribute at an orphanage.

Camp of 20,000

The orphanage that Teen Missions helped to build in the 70’s had some damage to the building. The orphans are afraid to sleep in the building so they are now sleeping in metal shipping containers. The condition of the people living in the tents is terrible: the sun is hot, it is now the rainy season, and all the paths are muddy. 20,000 people lived in the camp I visited. They all had to walk about four blocks to get water and use the toilet. They are in need of our prayers.

Betty and I leave for the Ukraine July 11. The house church has outgrown it’s building and the government has given the church a lot on a paved road with electricity and water. Teen Missions will be helping them with the use of a storage container. I will be taking some funds with me, and will also try to pass out some Bibles and tracts.

It is beginning to look a lot like Boot Camp around here. Our first Big Top is up! Betty and I are happy Jolene, our granddaughter, is coming to Peanut camp. On May 7th Teen Missions celebrated its 40th Anniversary! We thank God for your prayers!

Pastor's home fell, killing his two daughters

In Christ,

Bob and Betty Lane

Proverbs 3:5-6

Prayer Requests:

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