Myers, Mike and Michelle (Spring, 2010)

Mike Myers with Isabelle & Kenya

Daddy & his girls

A big “Hello” to our friends, family, church and former team mates!

Summer is just around the corner and with it, the anticipation of all the great things God is going to allow us to be part of. My journey will be different from Mike’s. Although I will be staying home and working on summer staff and Mike leading the team to the Philippines, we are preparing ourselves to be ready spiritually for what the Lord has for us this summer and that no matter where we are we would be bold in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we head into our summer, we have a great opportunity to harvest souls. The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest. (Matthew 9:37, 38) Everyday we are reminded of just how much people need to hear about Jesus. Nothing else will fix the problems we face, and things will just get worse the more we forsake Him. Because of this, heavy on our hearts and minds is to be spiritually ready in our personal walks with the Lord so that we can be ready for what awaits us. We recognize that being unprepared will hurt us and hinder our ability to accomplish the tasks set before us. We want to finish the summer and be able to say that we finished everything well and to the best of our ability, that we were content in all things and situations and that we chose to put on the garment of  praise every day. We want to be examples to the unbelievers and believers alike and that we were bold in proclaiming the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Join in prayer with us now as we bathe our ministry and team in prayer. Pray that the people of the Philippines and our team mates, and those at Boot Camp

This is fun, Daddy!

(some might not know Him!) will have receptive hearts to the message of Jesus Christ as many live in physical comfort, but are hurting inside and live in spiritual poverty. We want to be able to help them find out who Jesus Is! You can keep up with the Philippines summer mission team this summer on Teen Missions website at They will be sending in reports regularly.

On a personal note, my pregnancy is going well. The “rough part” seems to be over. We had our first 3D ultrasound and were amazed at the detailed way you can see the baby in the womb. We are expecting our

Isabelle & Mommy

third little girl…no boy this time. The technician stated that Mike was meant to be surrounded by women! She is a busy baby and was very photogenic during the ultrasound. She really showed off, allowing the technician to gather all needed information. She looks perfect. We are so grateful for yet another healthy baby. We have truly been blessed. I loved how she crossed her ankles the whole time, showing us just what a lady she is. Now for the hard part…picking a name.:)

Isabelle is getting so big and doing so many “big girl” things. She is potty trained and so proud of her accomplishment. She is very aware of all the things that her big sister does and wants to do them too. Kenya and Isabelle have a very special bond, and although they can have their moments, there are many sweeter ones between them. They can often be found holding hands in the car or giggling on the couch. One time, Isabelle crawled up onto Kenya’s bed, curled up at her feet and fell asleep there.

Kenya is growing into such a little lady. She is very excited to be starting school officially in the fall. She loves to play games and is excelling at gymnastics. She made Team this year, which means that she is training for competition. We are very proud of her. Watching her do gymnastics brings back such fond memories from when I used to compete in the sport MANY years ago.

The Myers ladies

Mike's lovely ladies

Thank you for your continued support. The praying you do manifests itself in ways that amaze us everyday. God does things outside our thinking daily, reminding us of His sovereignty and unfailing love. We are sure that you play a part in this. Thank you.

Serving Together,

Mike, Michelle, Kenya, Isabelle & ???

P.S. I recently did a Heart for Missions Radio interview for WRDJ (Calvary Chapel Merritt Island’s radio station). You can check it out at

Please pray…

• Mike is heading off on another Tabernacle trip in May. Pray for safety and that God    would bless the work of his hands.

• We will be apart this summer which is always difficult especially when children  are involved. Pray that God would bring us safely back together in August and that we would  continue look to Him for provision and comfort. We do not want loneliness, stress or worry  to set in.

• Baby #3 is due August 30. Pray for a continued healthy pregnancy and a full-term one as  well.

• That the Lord would bring Kenya and Isabelle to a full knowledge of the truth about  Him. We pray that our girls would choose to follow God and His ways starting early in life  and that they would never waiver from that path. Please pray that God would give us wisdom  as we raise them.


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