Petersen, Doug and Barb (Spring, 2010)

He’s Alive!!!

Easter blessings to all of you dear ones!

Dear Family and Friends,


As the world turns and the seasons change, so we are also in a cycle of annual events. 1) Right now an Adult Team is riding the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission circuit with Jillian Babcock (our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center intern). They left yesterday on their bikes for this awesome experience of helping to teach the children the Word of God, to teach adults to read for the first time through phonics, and to train teachers and leaders to help with the work of the ministry. Many are coming to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior through this ministry. We praise the Lord for His work in each life. 2) Preparation is being made for the Lufwanyama Boot Camp which starts this month. This Boot Camp ministers to orphans from four rescue units that are too far away to come into our base for our regular Boot Camp. 3) Next is another annual event, as we prepare to receive four US Teen Missions teen teams, June through August. This year two will be doing the Sunday School circuits on motorcycles, one will build a bridge and the fourth one will do evangelism. 4) Weddings: I am not sure how many weddings we have had among our staff since we have been in Zambia, but we just finished another yesterday. Angel Kapema married Fatima Matolokoshi and the reception was held at our TMI base. Congratulations to both of them. They will be ministering at the Funda AIDS Orphans & Street Children Rescue Unit. I know that they would appreciate your prayers. 5) Our Bible school is wrapping up its final two weeks and is preparing for finals.

Queen Monze from Luswishi, Zambia

Doug has been teaching Revelation and I have been teaching General Epistles and Music. We both are grateful for this opportunity to teach God’s Word.

Praise for God’s healing love:

Our facilitators often use the book “Where there is no Doctor” and it is so useful. But recently the needs have been so great that even the double budget we have been sending out for medicine isn’t lasting more than a week or two and the unit is without medicine for the remaining two weeks before another supply comes to them. I was in Luswishi the last couple of days and when I was talking to Queen I learned what it is like “where there is no medicine”. These two accounts were reported to Doug by our staff, Queen Monze, at the Lushwishi Rescue Unit.

Palm Sunday:

On Palm Sunday Mrs. Muntu came to the Luswishi unit complaining of sharp headache pains and a high fever. These are classic malaria symptoms, but Queen had no malaria medicine and only gave her a few painkillers and said to go to the clinic for the malaria meds. After two days her husband came back with his wife to Luswishi saying the clinic had no medicine and his wife was much worse. He said she now couldn’t

Hopeless Unless We Help

even hear if you shouted in her ear. “Please, isn’t there something you can do?” he asked. “You are my only hope.” Queen was now completely out of medicine. Now even pain-killers were not available. The lady could talk, but she couldn’t hear. She said she was now also having sharp pains in her arm and chest as well as her head. Queen said to her husband, “I have nothing, but I can ask God to help you. Could we pray together?” They agreed and Queen prayed for her healing. Queen was concerned for the woman and began comforting her. The woman laid down in the grass under a tree as Queen rubbed her arms and chest. Queen indicated to the husband to let the woman sleep a bit, as she needed to rest. The woman fell asleep under the tree. Queen returned an hour or so later and asked the woman how she felt. The woman replied, “I feel fine”. Queen said, “What? You can hear?” She said, “Yes, I can hear and my headache is gone”. Queen felt her head and the fever was gone as well. The woman was completely healed. God saw and provided even “where there is no medicine”.


It was Easter Sunday when Mrs. Mulimba came to the Luswishi unit. She was complaining of sharp pains in her side. As Queen was talking to her, she seemed to be a bit confused about just what was wrong and couldn’t get a clear picture of the problem. She had the feeling that maybe the problem wasn’t physical but spiritual. So she began asking questions about church, etc., and found out that she was Jehovah’s Witness. She knew about Jesus but didn’t know about being born again. Queen said that the woman could be born again right then and there. The woman said no, not until Satan left. Queen began sharing the Scripture with her and then she said she was ready to pray. Queen led her to the Lord as she prayed the sinners prayer. Then, when they finished that, Queen asked if she could pray for the woman’s healing. The woman said when she asked the Lord to be her Savior something popped inside her and the pain is now gone. So before they prayed, God answered. That is how it is “where there is no medicine”.

We give God the Glory! Jesus is ALIVE! He IS the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Again, thank you for your prayers and loving support for us and the work of God. We SO appreciate you! Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together….

Together we are HIS hands in Zambia

In His Harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

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