High School helpers in Belize

A class of young people from New Hope High School in Orange Walk came

Helpers in Belize

out this last weekend and helped clear our 3 tent sites and 1 eating site, giving us a boost in getting ready for the summer.  We will also be going to the High School in the next week or two to do a chapel and promote the summer camp with all the students.  The students are all a little nervous about the summer camp, so please pray for them.
We need them to be the example for all the other youth that will come. Though we do not yet have a registration in hand, we have solid
commitments for about 15 youth so far.

A group from Canada that was visiting the church of our students from Copper Bank invited our students to go snorkeling on this last Monday. We all had a pleasant day on the Carribean.  It was a nice break for the students.


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