Myers, Anthony and Shawna (Spring, 2010)

Grandpa & Grandma Myers with the kids

Grandpa & Grandma Myers with the kids

Dear Family and Friends:

I can hardly believe it is almost May! We have been so busy the last few months. Grandma and Grandpa Myers were here for our 18th Anniversary in March. Brandon, Grandpa and Anthony were able to go to a Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training game. There was time to do a few projects around the house and with the kids off, it gave us more time together. We were able to get away to Orlando for a few days over Easter to refresh a little before we get into our busiest time of year! It stayed cooler into the spring, which was nice because it gets so hot down here.

Anthony will be gone for two weeks in May to help move the Tabernacle from Indiana to it’s new location in Hudson, WI. It will be open from May 15-October 15. We still have our permanent one here at the base in Florida.

We have Boot Camps continually running overseas in different countries every month of the year. At this time, India and the Philippines are running, and this summer it will be Siberia, Madagascar and Cameroon. We plan to have all five Big Tops up ready for training young people here at the US Boot Camp by the end of May. The first Boot Camp starts with leaders coming in on June 5th, and the last teams returning home on August 15. This will include Mustard Seeds, four Peanut teams, five Preteen teams, five Early Boot Camp teen teams and 17 Super Boot Camp teen teams involving over 700 young people and leaders. Pray for traveling safety, wisdom for the leaders, spiritual growth, and that they will be witnesses for the Lord

Shawna & Anthony - flowers for 18 years of marriage

Shawna & Anthony - flowers for 18 years of marriage

Jesus Christ wherever they go and to whomever they meet.

Where would the summer teams be if there was no office to keep things going?! We have the responsibility of staying home to help run the office this summer. Staying in the office during the summer is a challenge, as there are over 30 teams to be responsible for! Many decisions come out of this office that need the Lord’s wisdom, even in the summer, while the teams are on their projects stateside and overseas! It is encouraging to receive, first-hand, the reports from the teams. Anthony will be the Debrief leader for the four Debriefs between July 27 and August 15. He will also be in charge of the outside work for the few who are left here. I will be helping in the office with the many responsibilities there including keeping in contact with the teams and parents! The summer team reports will be put on the website (, so you can enjoy reading them and getting the most up-to-date information. Praise the Lord as you read the reports.

Jessie came to me the other day and said that she really feels like she should go on a team. After praying about it, she has decided to go to India. She will be at the Teen Missions’ base there. This is one place we have not been, so we are excited for her to go. It is not an easy place to go either, so we are proud of her following the Lord’s leading.

Brandon will be staying home with us this summer and will be keeping up with many of the staff lawns while they are around the world on teams. Darin will enjoy playing with his friends in Munchkin Missions. They are all doing well in school.

We appreciate your continuing prayers for us and for all the teams serving the Lord this summer. We are so encouraged by all of you who are a part of our lives and ministry here. We hope and pray that you will also have a safe and blessed summer as you serve the Lord wherever and however He would have you.

We will have three weeks off at the end of August and beginning of September. The kids will be in school, but we are planning for Anthony to go to PA to do some deputation. If you would like for him to share at your church any day of the week, please let us know.

From Jessie:
As many of you know, my parents are

Jessie Myers' prayer card

Jessie Myers' prayer card

not going on a team this summer. I
have been praying about it and feel
the Lord leading me to go to India. I
will be gone from June 13-July 31. Our
team will fly to Chennai, India, then
we will take a 10-hour train trip across
India to the Teen Missions base in
Vijayawada. We are going to do block making, construction
on a school building, help in the rice paddies and minister
to the children in the neighboring villages. We are also
going to do puppet and balloon ministry. On the way back
home, we will go to Hong Kong for a couple of days. I will
need to raise $2,813 to cover the cost of my trip. If you
would like to help out financially, please fill out the form
and mark it for Jessica Myers’ summer. I also need people
to pray for me, especially since I will not be with my
family this summer. Thank you for your prayers and
support. If you would like to write to me while I am in
India, my address will be (until July 17):
Jessie Myers

Teen Missions TEAM 10002
Jessica Myers
TMI Town
Atukur (Post) Ungutur (Mandalam)
Krishna (Dist.)
APS INDIA 521286

Upcoming events to pray for:

*Teen Missions celebrated its 40th Anniversary on May 7th.

The Lord has truly blessed His ministry, for which we are thankful.

Anthony & Darin Myers

Anthony & Darin Myers

*Annual Board Meeting May 25-28 (We are on the Board.)

*Summer Ministry June 5-Aug. 15

*Jessie as she is on her team to India

*Good health for all of us during this busy time

In His Service,

Anthony, Shawna, Brandon, Jessica and Darin

[email protected]



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  1. Hi.
    I’m at our 2 week Stoutsville Camp and wanted to have TMI as our Mission Project for the kids. I had info here about money needed for block building restrooms…of course I cannot find it. Is there anything you can email? General info and a picture or 2 of a restroom, oprhanage, etc. How much did you need for a restroom?
    Thanks for any help

    If you are now longer doing a project for a restroom, just send me a few pictures of Africa Aids Orphanage and I’ll just raise what we can and send for you to use as needed.

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