McCracken, Samuel (Spring, 2010)

Late last year a white government van pulled up to the Teen Missions AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit in Solwesi, Zambia, and asked TMI if we could care for a traumatized nine year old girl named Martha Mwitwa. Martha’s family still suffered from severe hunger despite the fact that the mother, who is single, had resorted to prostitution to support the family. One day the mother had prepared some nsima (a porridge made of maize) and briefly left to make a quick trip to the neighbor’s house. When she returned she found that Martha had taken some because she was so hungry. The mother went into a furious rage, took a stick and began severally beating Martha. She then took a knife and began cutting off Martha’s fingers. The neighbor’s heard Martha’s chilling screams and came to find her covered in blood. They took Martha to the police along with the mother. Martha was turned over to the courts who brought her to Teen Missions. This Teen Missions Rescue Unit is correctly called a Rescue Unit. Martha was literally rescued and brought here. The work we do here at the International Headquarters base in Florida supports our bases in the 25 countries worldwide to be able to function and impact many lives for JESUS – – like Martha’s.

Samuel McCracken - mowing my way to heaven

Mowing my way to heaven

Life at Teen Missions is an incredible experience and lives around the world are being changed every day. Of course it is hard work, but extremely fulfilling and very rewarding. Knowing that you are in the center of God’s will is a wonderful thing, and is what I experience daily while I continue serving here at our International Headquarters in Merritt Island, Florida. Teen Missions, a pioneer of short term missions for youth since the 70’s, exists to launch youth into life-time missions involvement by training and mobilizing them to impact eternity now around the world. Sometimes I can’t believe that God allows me to a part of the great and magnificent things that He is doing here in Florida with our Boot Camp and missions trips in the summer and also the work happening daily at our bases around the world. We daily give medical aid to the thousands of AIDS orphans all over Africa, teaching the Bible to them, feeding and teaching them about nutrition and agriculture. Our God is faithful and He is not in a recession! He has been and will be faithful to provide for each of our needs as Phil 4:19 says, “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” The financial sacrifices and prayers of my supporters enable me to successfully continue my ministry here. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to what the LORD has prompted you to do. Your gifts continue beyond the present into the future, as the people we minister to continue to grow in their relationship with God and reap the seeds we have planted. It has been a wonderful way for me to share my faith with others and give to others what God has so graciously given me – eternal life.

Samuel McCracken - finally made it to Nashville

Finally made it to Nashville

My 2008 scooter engine seized up on me in January and I haven’t been able to get it fixed yet. God has been faithful and I am usually able to get where I need to go. I am enjoying my new “home” church here and am involved serving in several different capacities in the local young adults church called Mezzanine.

Recently I took a trip to CA to visit a close friend of mine, Bill, who was in the final stages of melanoma cancer. He’s been a great friend to me and someone to whom I have tried to minister over the years. He and his family have been very good to me and it was a great blessing to me to be able to go and be of some comfort to him during his time of need, as well as share JESUS with him. I was able to share in my home

Samuel, Karen & Bill

Bill, Karen and me

church, Calvary Chapel La Mesa, about my summer trip, and was able to raise a little support for it. I was also able to minister to my best friend, Joshua, who has been struggling in his walk with the LORD for many years. It was a great refreshing trip and a blessing to me to be able to be a blessing to those in my sphere of influence.

I’ve been invited to be an assistant leader on a Preteen team of 10-13 year olds going to Malawi, Africa this summer. I’ll minister to and with the pre-teens as they do outreaches to the AIDS orphans, and purchase and plant fruit trees so the orphans can have fresh fruit well into the future. We’re also going to give out boxes of crayons and coloring books with the Gospel translated into their language. Most of them have never even seen a coloring book, so imagine the joy and pride of owning one of their very own! I have to raise $3,390 to cover the cost of the trip. I have $800, so I still need to raise $2,590. Please pray and see if the LORD puts it on your heart to help support me on my mission trip this summer. Please pray for me for discipline, being on time, and a pure heart and mind.

Yours in Christ

Samuel McCracken

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