Petersen, Steve and Gay (Spring, 2010)

Dear Family and Friends,

Petersen family with BMW "sons"

Petersen family with BMW "sons"

The weather is warming and the orange trees are blossoming as the excitement grows for the arrival of team members and leaders participating on our 2010 summer mission trips. Our first Big Top tent rose this week with the help of our mighty volunteers from Turbeville, South Carolina. We are grateful for them and the many other volunteers who’ve joined hands with us over the past few months…thank you!

Teen Missions is already focusing on setup for the 2011 teams and staff members have done setup this month in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Overseas Boot Camps are taking place over the next few weeks in the Philippines and India. Several of our BMW interns overseas have shared exciting stories of God’s work in and through them, and we’d like to share one such story from BMW intern, Jillian Babcock, who is currently serving with Teen Missions in Zambia:

Mibende, Zambia — One of our little girls, Chipango, came to Sunday School requesting prayer for her mother. She reported that her mother  had gone outside after dark and was bitten by a snake. Chipango was very concerned about the situation and we prayed for the request. After Sunday School we visited the girl’s house to see her mother’s condition. When we entered the home we found the mother sitting with a swollen leg. She was not expecting us, but after introducing ourselves, we shared that her daughter had requested prayer and we were concerned. The mother was deeply moved by her daughter’s boldness and our willingness to visit. We shared the Word of God with the mother, prayed for her and she gave her life to the Lord. We praise the Lord, as this mother has become a child of the King. We don’t know what will result from the snakebite, but what we do know is that this lady will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. It’s by your prayers and support that this ministry is affecting the lives of many.

Steve has continued his work on needed updates and optimization on several ministry web sites… most recently on the Florida Free BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center web site. Stories like the one above will now be available online as the interns report to the home office. Routine repairs and maintenance of Teen Missions computer network and phone system have also required his attention over the past few months. Steve is currently teaching Daniel & Revelation at the BMW and just finished several months of guitar lessons for all of the students. Both Steve and I were active in our church missions conference as Steve led the “Teen Missions Experience“, driving a TMI bus with interested youth and parents on a tour of the Lord’s Boot Camp and the TMI display room—filled with photos of our Boot Camps and Bible Schools in over 20 countries worldwide. I ran the kitchen for the international banquet at the missions conference. We were also both privileged to be interviewed this spring on Heart for Missions radio sharing our testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness throughout our missionary journey. I also helped in the production of a promo video for use in sharing with parents about the Peanut Boot Camp I coordinate for 7-9 year olds.

Two Fall Term BMWs & Lyudmila

Two Fall Term BMWs & Lyudmila

We are excited that Babushka Katya from Russia is visiting the USA this summer and plans to return to Russia with our team. She has been such an inspiration and blessing to us and to our youth in Russia. Currently, we have nine teens registered on the team. Timothy and Faith both are team members themselves in the Mustard Seed and Peanut Boot Camps. Afterwards, we plan to return as a family with our teen team to Russia where we plan to run our fourth national Boot Camp there.

We thank you for all of your prayers and support as we labor for our King!

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:20&22 / Gal. 2:20


For the many volunteers who’ve come to serve with us this winter and spring

For the hundreds of changed lives during our winter Boot Camps Overseas

For the health and strength to serve the Lord in full-time missions


For the 2010 teens and leaders as they raise support and prepare to leave for Boot Camp

For anointing on our Boot Camp teachers and speakers…for changed lives in our evening Rallies

For Katya’s health as she travels from Russia to the US and adjusts to many changes in food, water and  weather


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