Reilly, Mike and Rena (Spring, 2010)

Dear Friends & Family,

Katie studying

Katie studying

Well, we hope you had a great Christmas. What did you say? Christmas was a while ago? Boy, either time is flying or we are just getting slower. I think it is both. As Mike has said before, he truly believes we are in the end times because God says in His word that He will “shorten the days for the elect sake” (maybe it is a little out of context). Our days are getting shorter; every time we wake up, the day is already almost over. We are not getting our list done like we used to. Actually the lists of jobs to do is getting bigger as I carry-over the jobs that we did not get done the day before. Do you have weeks like that or maybe yours is more like months and for some years!? Despite not getting done all that we want to do, we have faith God will get done what He wants done in a day and it will all be for His glory. Amen, thank you Jesus!

Recent news: This past few months we had a bunch of teams come back home from their mission trips. We are not very good at counting, but it seems this last year we had fewer going out but more to do, a lot more.

Michael on top of Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

Michael on top of Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

We have had our best year of evangelism and outreaches in areas and countries that were considered closed doors or with people groups that seemed impossible to reach. We have enclosed our summer highlights to give you a small glimpse of what went on. Of the group of teenagers that went on teams this year, half committed their lives to full-time Christian service, which is the reason why we have this program in the first place!

Camps: Many of you may not know that we also use our property for other camps. This is part of the outreach for our Bible schools students. They get the place ready for the different groups and programs. The last few months we have hosted Scripture Union, Youth For Christ, Salvation Army, school camps and different church camps. Literally, we have seen thousands come through, with hundreds of salvations and untold numbers of re-commitments to Christ. This is a huge faith builder for our students.

Our Bible school: The BIBLE, MISSIONARY, & WORK Training Center that we are running here in Australia is still moving forward. We have completed about half (the easy half) of the paperwork to be a diploma program. That means that once we complete all the required forms for the government, we will have a fully-accredited degree program for missions. Then we will be able to bring in students from overseas or even open programs to other nations to use our program. At present, we offer a certificate program, which doesn’t mean a lot outside of Australia, but is helpful for those who wish to continue in the ministry. The building is almost done for the students to move into. We are hoping that by the time you get this letter, the guys will move into the new dorms and the kitchen will be up and running. We still have a few months’ worth of minor painting and landscaping to finish up. Please pray that we pass the final inspection. Thanks!

Mike’s travels: In the past few months Mike has done a few quick trips throughout Asia checking on bases. The goal is to help wherever he can and offer advice on making programs work through some hard times. He and I are hoping to travel to India and The Philippines in May for their Boot Camp programs and student graduations. Then he will head off in June to Turkey, Morocco, Argentina and the U.S. (for a short stop at Teen Missions Headquarters in Florida) with at least one more country in between. Please pray for his safety and health.

Coming home: Please pray for us – our goal is to come home over the Christmas holidays. It has been 10 years since we’ve been home for Christmas. The goal is to work through the Australia Boot Camp, head to the US on December 23 to Orlando and travel up to my home for Christmas, weather permitting. Then we’ll head back down to drop off Katie Rose at University before heading out to try to see as many of you as possible. The cost of the trip is way more than we have, but we feel we have the right staff to watch the base for us to leave. If we do not do it now, we do not know when we can do it again as a family. The finance part is a huge issue for us, so please pray that we can somehow come up with the funds. Thanks!

Rena serving the multitudes

Rena serving the multitudes

Recap prayer requests:

• The Bible school: that the papers will go through quickly for us to be an accredited program. Praise! That  we passed the final inspection.

• Mike’s travel around the world, safety and health – that he will have an anointing when sharing with staff  and students.

• Our funds so we can come home for Christmas.

• Katie Rose’s funds for her school.

Thank you for all that you have done!!!!

In Christ,

Mike, Rena, Katie Rose, Michael

The Reilly’s

P.S. If you have not gotten our bi-monthly email reports let us know and we will add you to the list. I sent our first one out in Feb/March. Just email us at [email protected] It was a New Year’s resolution that I am hoping to keep, if I do not kill the computer.


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