Sibanda, Claimet and Sipho (Spring, 2010)

Hi Friends and Family,

Sibanda Family

Sibanda Family

We greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank God for allowing us to sove (serve) Him with Teen Missions ministry. We also thank God for your support. We value your support so much as a family.

We are a family of four but, because of AIDS epidemic, we have other kids that we are taking care of. These kids are from my two sisters. Their fathers passed away and the relatives from their fathers’ side refuse to care for the kids. Their mothers are HIV positive and they are not working because there are no jobs in the country. Three are doing their secondary school and our Hope and Delight are in primary level. So we have five kids that we are paying school fees for now. My wife, Sipho, is also HIV positive (she got it while caring for her mother). These are the challenges that we have as a family. So, as a family, we are asking for help especially in the area of school fees. We are looking forward to seeing these kids finish their school because this is where their future is. We also teach them God’s Word and the importance of fearing God.

Adult American team eating with Zimbabwe staff & students

Adult American team eating with Zimbabwe staff & students

We are coordinating the Zimbabwe base. I teach the students Bible lessons at the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center here. I enjoy teaching so much. I have been teaching in the Bible school for 12 years. My wife is helping in the kitchen. In all these things we thank God who is able to carry us through. It is not a loss to sove (serve) God. We also run Boot Camp at the end of the year. We learn a lot from this camp. We see kids coming to know Christ as their personal Savior. I also teach and preach in a local church where we fellowship. We enjoy so much to sove (serve) the Lord.

In Zimbabwe we stayed for two years without Boot Camp. But in 2009-2010 we managed to run an excellent Boot Camp where we saw many kids receiving Christ as their personal Savior. That was a joy to see kids taking the step of faith. It was an amazing experience for both leaders and team members to see some kids getting delivered from the powers of bondage. Always when we see the demonstration of God’s power everyone gets revived. That caused the entire Boot Camp to be aware of the presence of God. Preachings and teachings were so powerful the kids benefitted a lot. You could hear them during the day quoting some verses or some phrases that were said, which was an encouragement to leaders and to the other team members. In the Boot Camp we were having team members who were from the streets who came through the organization called “Thuthuka”, which means ‘Develop’. These kids were very, very difficult, but we saw the hand of the Lord, because when they came from the field they were different. Some of them even wanted to come to school. They really loved the Lord and it gave us joy to see a miracle from what we were calling impossible. What is impossible with men is possible to God. God really did wonders in the field using those people whom we called difficult. Some were having testimonies which were so touching. What they went through was fearful. There was this team which was in Gwando town having quite a number of the street kids. The number of people who received Christ as their personal Savior was 72 people and they were using door-to-door witnessing.

Once more again I want to thank God so much for His unfailing love. Thanks as well to all of you for your support of and prayers for us. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you with the same generosity with which you bless us.

Yours in Christ,

Claimet, Sipho, Hope and Delight Sibanda

Psalm 127:1

Teen Missions in Zimbabwe staff & students

Teen Missions in Zimbabwe staff & students - Claimet & Sipho third & fourth from left in front


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