Reddekopp, Greg and Amy (Spring, 2010)

Dear Friends,

Greg at MissionFest Vancouver with former staff, Steve Bazal

Greg at MissionFest Vancouver with former staff, Steve Bazal

Recently the quote came to me, “If God has brought you to it, He will bring you through it.” I find this to be so true in our lives. Things do not run along smoothly for very long before we hit a bump in the road and we wonder if God knew all this from the start. He did!

When Greg and I moved to Outlook, we believed that before long we would be joined by long-time staff David and Shirley Charron. All that had to happen was for the house in Windsor to sell and then they would join us at the office here in Outlook. However, this is not how it has gone. The house in Windsor has not sold and we are still waiting for them to join us. However, God has been gracious and given us strength for the day to do what needs to be done. And sometimes what needs to be done will wait for another day.

While the learning curve is still on an upward trend (as it should be), it is not quite as steep as before. I am becoming acquainted with the programs used to process donations and keeping track of team members’ support. Currently, we have just over 20 team members coming from Canada to Florida to go on summer mission trips. Some of these are preteens, some teens and even some leaders. What a wonderful experience to see these team members choosing to serve God for their summer! They are certainly examples to us. Altogether, there are over 550 kids going on teams this summer. Wow!

Another area we have been working on is a group called the “Missionaries To Canada”. We are so excited to have them come to Canada in August. This is a group of about 10 young adults (18-27 years old) coming

Khaya at gymnastics class

Khaya at gymnastics class

together from Indonesia, Korea and Mongolia to share God’s Word in Canada. This is so exciting when you consider that Indonesia is considered the largest Muslim nation in the world. The team will be training here at Camp Outlook during the month of August and then spend the school year travelling across Canada, sharing in different congregations, schools, retirement homes and other places. If you would like to have them come to your home town, please let us know and we would love to add you to their itinerary!

Greg and I have both been able to get into some churches and conferences to share about the ministry of Teen Missions. We each made a trip to Winnipeg, MB to two different conferences. Greg was also able to share at some churches here in Outlook, as well as in Saskatoon. We are looking forward to being at a conference together in May out in B.C. and then we’ll stop traveling a little until the Fall.

Greg’s health has still been a bit of a roller coaster. He has good days and bad. We are still waiting for him to see a specialist here in Saskatoon. Please pray that this appointment will come up sooner than later. He struggles with pain and energy day-to-day and while sometimes he can work all day, other days he can barely get out of bed. We are also praying for more local doctors here in Outlook; if not, we will have to look for a family doctor in Saskatoon.

The kids have been staying busy too. Ellie has just about completed her first year of Scottish dancing; she

Kenya at Camp Outlook with Romsia

Kenya at Camp Outlook with Romsia

has done very well at this. Khaya, Kenya, and Ethan have completed their first year in gymnastics. All three of them had lots of fun and learned a lot. Khaya would like to be an Olympic gymnast one day. Ethan has continued with his speech therapy and is getting better at verbalizing, though there are still some issues. He has had a wonderful lady working with him. Ellie, Khaya and Kenya are in their third term at school. It has had its ups and downs as well. Next year, we are looking at possibly homeschooling some and having some in public school. We continue to pray about this.

For our family this summer—well, we won’t be at Boot Camp in Florida, but we are looking forward to having a Preteen team come up to work at Camp Outlook during the month of July. They will be painting some cabins as well as laying a stone patio. After that is completed, we plan on having a week-long day camp the first week of August. This would be for those who have completed kindergarten through grade 5. The second week of August the Missionaries To Canada will arrive to start their training. Then to end off summer holidays on a high note, we would like to run a sleepover camp at Camp Outlook the last week of summer holidays. This camp would be for ages 8-11 years. For this we will need volunteers, volunteers and more volunteers! If you would be interested in volunteering during one of these weeks, please let us know as we would love to have you here.

We expect many more “bumps in the road” along the way, but we know that God is directing our paths. Solomon gives us wonderful advice in Proverbs 3:5-6. We are to acknowledge Him in all our ways and He will direct, or make straight, our paths. What more could we ask for than a God who is always there for us, always directing us, and always on our side? This is truly an amazing God we serve.

As always, we covet your prayers for our family – that Greg would have good health and that we are able to balance the needs of our family and the needs of the ministry. We thank those of you who support us with prayers and with finances. Truly, we couldn’t be doing this without you. Thank you.

With Christ’s Love,

Greg, Amy, Ellie, Khaya, Kenya, and Ethan

The Reddekopp family at Easter

The Reddekopp family at Easter


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