Shrock, Jason and Karen (Spring, 2010)

As we serve in South Africa, our life is often filled with HEART ACHES, HEART BREAKS,

Sello teaching the Sunday school lesson

Sello teaching the Sunday school lesson in S.A.

AND HEART TAKES. Reaching out to those around us bring many different emotions into our lives. As we strive to see others the way God sees them, we are often times filled with anything from overwhelming joy to immense sadness. Let us take you through a small journey of what our hearts have felt these past few months.

HEART ACHES: We have been longing and preparing for the past year to begin our Motorcycle Sunday School Mission. It is a special ministry where we go out on a motorcycle with a large box on the back to do Sunday school with children in areas where there isn’t an active church and many are in need of hearing the Gospel. You have been joining us in prayer to get this new ministry up and running and I am glad to say it is going and very exciting. We currently have five of the six locations that are growing.

Nonto doing phonics with South African Sunday school children

Nonto doing phonics with Sunday school children

At two of the stops, our big challenge is working with kids whose parents are practicing ancestor worship. They pray to their dead relatives to intercede for them and believe in using the tribal beliefs. The biggest issue of this religion is the Sangoma (witch doctor). The witch doctor will curse people, try to heal people, or bring luck if needed. They will promise anything that you want for a price. We see a lot of demonic activity due to their influence on these people. It grieves us to see these people living in this darkness.

The other three stops are in areas where there are cult churches that are opposed to Protestant religion. It is a cult called ZCC (Zion Christian Church), but it is far from being Christian. They use the name to draw people to it. These people wear a star that is to act like a talisman for good luck. God has opened many doors for us to witness to these people. Our biggest story happened at one of these stops where there is a large ZCC church community. They were skeptical about allowing us to come, but they wanted services for their kids so they agreed. We have been gaining their trust over the past month and many adults have stopped by to watch or even join in with our Sunday school. The last week it looked as if it could rain and the secretary of the church stopped by and told our circuit riders (teachers) that if it rained they could go into the church to run the Sunday school. They came home so excited about this miracle. We couldn’t believe that God would open their hearts so much to allow us to go into a ZCC building and teach the children about JESUS’ death, resurrection, and coming again in glory – many of the things they preach against! Thank you for joining us this past year to pray for this ministry. It is truly reaching the hearts of the people and the wonderful smiles and hugs of every child are so precious.

HEART BREAKS: One thing that is truly breaking our hearts in South Africa and especially around our base is human trafficking and prostitution. South Africa will host the Soccer World Cup and people from all over the world will be coming to cheer on their teams. The media has headlined in the newspapers that there are 40,000 sex workers already in the country for this event. We praise God that one such operation that was smuggling in 40 Asian and Mozambiquan women and children per week was recently shut down. We have seen a large growth of women out on the streets around our base. When we go to one of the nearby towns,

One of our ministry girls who's grandmother is trying to sell her body to provide for the family

One of Shrock's ministry girls who's grandmother is trying to sell her body to provide for the family

we typically see 10 to 12 women sitting under trees along the country road leading to town hoping men will come by and pick them up. There are few jobs out in the country areas where we live, so many resort to selling themselves to buy food. With a base full of young men, we haven’t been going out to minister to them, but we have been praying about how to reach out to these women.

HEART TAKES: Sometimes God intervenes in your life so unexpectedly that it takes you by surprise. That happened to us recently when we got an email from a friend that had been to our base a year ago with a team that did sewing projects for us, as well as taught some of the local ladies sewing techniques. Mrs. Penny emailed us that she was visiting South Africa and knew they left some sewing to finish and asked to help with that as well as anything else. We asked if she could help us to make new clown costumes for our Boot Camp summer team that does clown evangelism. Well, long story short, her good friend Emma, who does clowning, jumped on the band wagon and they ended up bringing us around 100 pounds of clown outfits and supplies! They went to a local shop, bought

Mrs. Emma helped tremendously with South Africa's clowning ministry

Mrs. Emma helped tremendously with the clowning supplies she brought us

material and made new costumes. They sewed up the curtains that were left from last time, did a sewing class and tea time for our local ladies, and Emma even did some clowning for a Sunday School group that rented our facility for a day retreat. It was a jam-packed five days, but well worth the time it took to prepare everything. Talk about having our socks blessed off!

“But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:19-21 Sometimes it is good to have a heart check and pray to see if you are seeing the world with the same vision that Christ saw those He came to serve.

We pray that the tales of our journey with Christ may stir your heart to want to reach out and share with those we serve. We are in need of financial partners to join with us so that we may continue to reach out to those walking in darkness. If you would like to join us, or know of someone that has a heart for Africa, please send donations through Teen Missions. We are so grateful for all of you and it is through your prayers and support that we are strengthened to march onward.


• That our daughter, Jenn, is going to be able to return to Africa to visit this summer.

Motorcycle Sunday School Ministry is running in five locations reaching around 100 kids

• Praise the Lord that Jolie is very much improving in her schooling

Prayer requests:

• A preteen choir team from the US is coming July 14-Aug 2.

• Pray for safe travel and that their eyes are opened to the needs of South Africa.

• Our family would grow in the knowledge of God and His love for us, as well as protection over our  marriage.

• For more students for the BIBLE, MISSIONARY, & WORK Training Center school.

Grace and Peace,

Jason, Karen, Joy and Jolie

The Shrock Family

Psalm 46:10

Contact details:

[email protected] or for pictures

P.O. Box 865, Pyramid, SOUTH AFRICA 0120

cell phone 027-079-393-0492


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