Ministry Moments in Malawi

We thank God for the good things He is doing in the ministry of Teen Missions in Malawi.  The Sonrise Palms Matron’s unit is a good example.

Girls studying in Malawi
Girls studying in Malawi

It is located among the Muslims and they need to be reached with the Gospel so we are glad to be here to reach them.  Many of our girls come from poor families and being here is a help to their families and guardians. By being here, they also do better in school because they have lamps to study by and we are able to help them with their studies. The girls are willing to follow the rules and that helps them to learn good morals, to not sneak around with boys, and to respect others.  They are also willing to learn.  We are
able to teach them things like sewing and gardening and we also have Bible Study with the girls and they are learning how to minister to others.  The Sunday School is helping them to memorize scripture and they are bringing their friends so their friends hear the Gospel too.

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