Yoder, Robert & Dorah (Spring, 2010)

Dear Family and Friends

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope and trust that you enjoyed the Easter celebration of our risen Lord.

Things in Zambia are fine and we are doing OK. This month we hope to come to the end of our rainy season. We have Boot Camp taking place in Funda for the orphans in the Lufwanyama area, as well as many more of the usual programs going on in various places.

March was a little bit challenging for me when I went out to do the AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit visits to encourage the facilitators out in the bush. It was raining, so I used a motor bike to visit and the roads were flooded. I got soaked, but I thank God that He was with me through this trip. He protected me. I visited Kansoka, Ngosa, Mibende, and Muchinshi. I found a lot of people from different locations seeking medical help. Most of these people had

Zambia Motorcycle Sunday School circuit riders 

malaria, and in some of these places there were deaths reported both of orphans and the villagers. Thank God for Teen Missions. After I reported the outbreak of malaria in these areas, the office here in Zambia responded quickly by buying and sending malaria drugs to those areas and now there is an improvement.

I am now at the base. I went to Lusaka on April 3rd to get the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) Adult Team. This was the longest trip I have made this month.

I am working on the tractor, as well as grinding maize to make chicken feed, fixing the trucks, and sometimes helping with the chicken chores.

My wife, Dorah, is due this month (April) with our first baby, but she is still doing some work around the base. She attends to the patients, orphans and mothers who come for nutrition seminar from Dola Hill. She also helps cleaning the eggs to get them ready for market.

If not us, who will help?
If not us, who will help?

Dorah has this baby who comes for Mother’s Seminar. Her name is Evalyn. She is one year, two months old. She comes with her mother since her father has already died. This baby does not walk or stand and she is skinny and malnourished. So less than two weeks ago, this baby’s mother started receiving the staples to make porridge for her at least three times a day. She has started responding well.

My wife has also started doing Sunday School for the Dola Hill community. Last Saturday was the first day and there was a good turnout of 53 children and some adults. Dora had the help of the Zambia Bible, Missionary and Work Training Center students, who helped teach Bible stories.

Prayer Requests:

• God’s protection and provision

• Visa for my wife and baby to come to the USA

• God’s grace and strength to be on us as we do His work

We thank God for good health and for His provision. Finally, we thank God for all of your support that you always render to us.

Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you.

God’s Pothole Dodgers,

Robert and Dorah Yoder


It's a Girl
It’s a Girl

Robert and Dorah Yoder are proud to   announce the birth of their daughter,

Esther Mercy Yoder

Saturday, April 17, 2010

10:45 AM

7 lbs 2 oz

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