Boot Camp Running in the Phillippines

We are so grateful to the Lord for His protection with the Boot Camp teams here in the Philippines. They are doing great in their daily  ministry tasks:



1) The boat team has reported that they were having a house to house last week and did cell group for the 30 houses. Many people were healed in their sickness. Praised God!

2)  The Choir and Drama Team were having presentations in Barangay and did house to house sharing and praying for the need of the people. Lots of people were hungry for God’s Word and needed specific prayer.

3) Environmental team, they did a prayer walk in the Baraygay, and help clean the surroundings and shared the love of God house to house. Many lives were changed and committed to serve Him.

4)  The clown team, they were so blessed because during the campaign the team let them show a clown to the crowd and share the Love of God.

5) The ball game team doing house to house and some of the member was so discourage because where they visited are people under strong satanic influence and they talked against God.

The work team kept on working on the kitchen and did house to house evangelism. All of this team are doing great in their paper works they updated everyday.

Please pray that our electricity at the Teen Missions base will be back to normal. Before, the black out were only for 3-4 hours but now, since March they are getting longer and longer, for 6-7 hours everyday, and brown outs sometimes from afternoon until night / sometimes morning until afternoon.

As of Sunday we counted 242 accepted Christ as personal Savior and 134 new Bible studies to be continued by the host church when the team leaves the place. The teams also experience miracles as they pray for the people as they share the Gospel. Work team is in the process of block-laying and plastering on the quad building.


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