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A SPECIAL REPORT ABOUT AN ORPHAN in Uganda – This orphan (whose other data is similar to

so much on his young shoulders

so much on his young shoulders

the rest  we have recently submitted to you) has a touching story, there is lot about him that needs prayers. This boy lost his father, so he lives with his widowed mother who is becoming old & weak though she is trying to do things. The first born who would be responsible for the family disappeared into Sudan almost six years ago without a trace. He may well have died. His mother’s real first born is a girl, this girl stays with them at home, so three of them make a family.

This first born sister was bewitched in a certain stage of her growth, so she is paralysed completely. She can’t move, her  mind also become insane. This sister has to be moved, she has to be carried whether to the toilet, or to the  kitchen or to the house to sleep. This young boy is always responsible of carrying this sister. When he goes to school & mum goes for some garden work or in the market he locks his sister in the house. He attends school very day that he can. He studies in Mindrabe primary school, our nearby school, but when his mother or sister is sick he leaves school, and goes to look for some labour work with people. When he gets the money he buys medicine for them, the same with food. He is the main man behind the feeding of his mommy & sister and he is as well regular at school. He does garden work, with little support from mummy coz she is getting old & her health also seems not to be the best.

His mum is saved & she believes that it’s Jesus who is keeping her family, because all the relatives have run away. Nobody even comes to visit them. This sister of Moses just looks like a burdens, but they love her. Sometimes they have to go without food especialIy if this boy has not yet got anything. He is a father, a pupil, he’s a strength of his family & the only boy of his mother. Think about him and pray for him, he is carring a load over his size and age. He is just one example of the critical importance of the ministry of Teen Missions AIDS Orphans & Street Children ministry.


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