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International Costume Choir!

International Costume Choir!

All six members of the International Costume Choir arrived safely! We are the only boot camp team that has only girls, but we’ve been having so much fun! Yesterday we all got settled into our tents and had time to play on the playground and go swimming. Amanda and Sarah A both agreed it was one of their favorite things to do.

This morning we ran the Obstacle Course for the first time. Claire was the first one to finish today so she helped all the other girls over the wall at the end. We had snack time with Scripture Sam and learned about keeping our tents clean, and then we learned about missions in Zambia from Nelson.

We had our first practice for our presentation and we learned two songs. Beth helped teach hand motions to Every Move I Make, and our leader, Ms. Amanda, helped us learn the clapping part to King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are also practicing a skit that shows how God helps us with different things that we go through. Each of the girls have a different part in the skit. Samantha is our sad girl; Amanda pretends to be a girl in love; Sarah H is a girl who loves looking pretty; Claire is our grumpy girl; Beth pretends to be a mean girl; and Sarah A is pretending to be sick. We were all excited about the different parts we got in the skit, and we had fun learning it!

Well, we’re learning about the Roman Road right now, so we’ll catch up with you again later!

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