The Lord is my strength

2010 Obstacle Course - The Wall

When I first got here I was full of excitement. My verse I would have in my mind before was Psalm 138:8, ” The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love O Lord endures Forever – do not abandon the works of your hands.” It helped me a lot.

The first day of Boot Camp wasn’t bad at all. I enjoyed getting to know my team, but at times I would be pretty bummed missing my friends. I eventually got very upset on Monday, but with encouragement from my team I felt a lot better. Morning and afternoon classes began to lift me up as well getting to see what I will be able to do with the kids. How we will teach then the love of God really just gave me more strength.

Tuesday morning in devotions I felt I should look up a passage on strength. I turned to Psalm 18. I felt God speaking the words to me. It helps me know if I feel weary I can go to Him, and ask for strength which, here, at Boot Camp is MUCH needed. These past two days for me have definitely helped me grow mentally, emotionally and physically. I first had to realize I am not here for me. It’s not at all for my benefit, it is for my Father. To bring the love of God to kids, even parents, who may have never heard about what He has done for us by sending his son. The thought that it’s not for me put it in perspective for me. Now I have the comfort that I know I’m doing God’s will for my life by serving Him.

Marlee – 2010 Greece/Bulgaria


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