Dressing up for the Lord

Peanut Kids Camp - International Choir

Peanut Kids Camp - International Choir

Hello everyone!

Our presentation is finally pulling together! Our skit is amazing, and it’s one of the girls favorite things to do. Our singing is beautiful and we each take turns leading. Today was Beth’s turn. She did a fabulous job!

This morning we got to try on costumes because we have our first presentation tomorrow around 11 a.m. Claire’s costume is from the Philippines, Sarah A’s costume is from Mexico, Amanda’s is from Liberia, Beth’s is from Europe, and Sarah H’s and Samantha’s costumes are from Russia. Ms. Rachael’s costume is from Brazil, and Ms. Amanda’s costume is also from Liberia! We had so much fun trying them on and figuring out which one we wanted to wear. After that we all went outside to have our team picture taken.

Lunch time today was really fun! The kitchen packed a picnic lunch for us, and we had a tractor-trailer ride out to Tree House Church to eat it! Everyone loved it.

Please pray for us as we have our first presentation tomorrow and we’re all looking forward to it!


The Costume Choir


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