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2010 - Zambia Bridge

2010 - Zambia Bridge

Last summer I went on Zambia Foot Washing. It started with me wanting to be physically doing what God did, but became so much more. The first time I washed a young girls feet, I realized that I wasn’t being who I wanted. As I read my Bible and during library reading I found who I was, I read about all the people that were sold out for God. So, when I got back I was on a complete spiritual high. However, as the school year started a lot faded and so I decided it was God calling me back for another summer.

It hasn’t been easy, but God says that when we serve Him it won’t always be easy – there will be many obstacles. It seems like maybe I don’t belong here but then I realized that this trip is what I make it. I got a reminder by looking at my team mates, there are a few who stick out to me that are always upbeat. God showed me today how truly amazing this place is, and how much I love singing while working, or listening to the thunder and wind sway through the palm trees. Basically, God showed me that I am not here for myself, and that I came into this trip not realizing that there will indeed be obstacles, and I will feel discouraged. I feel as if a lot of the time people don’t get the idea of boot camp, but I am reminded what God’s plans for me really are.

Kendra Р2010  Zambia Bridge


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