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The Moses Obstacle Course - Book of the Bible
The Moses Obstacle Course - Book of the Bible

“Time for bed!”, my leader cries out.  It’s the same thing every day and night.  Hurry, hurry, hurry!  Hurry to bed, hurry to wake up, hurry to dress and the list goes on and on.  For the first four days I was trying to keep up by myself.  (I didn’t want an SB.)  I talked to God every morning asking to give me strength but I was still weak.  Then on the Fifth night at rally Mike Reilly was speaking and the subject was how when we ask God for something good, we need to believe that He, if it’s His will, will do it.  That night I asked God to give me strength and I believed that He would.  And you know, I ran the OC a lot better the next time.

Stephen – 2010 Peru Church


  1. Russian Sports Greetings to the Peru team, especially Nathan and Emily….
    How are you doing?? Hope your weather warms up and just stays normal. It has been hot and humid here except yesterday it was cooler and quite windy.
    So Nathan and Emily, how is it to serve on the same team?? We are praying that you are having a wonderful time, working and growing in the LORD.
    I need to get going and help Miss Gay with breakfast… eggs and toast this morning… we eat upstairs in the building. It is so nice there!!
    Love you… Auntie Carol

  2. Stephen,

    If this is the only Stephen on the trip, this is Uncle Dennis in NC. Keep up the hard work doing it all for the glory of God! Honor Him with all that you’re doing! It is cool to see how God is working in your life through this opportunity! Looking forward to hearing all the stories of what God is doing down there.

    Uncle Dennis

  3. Hi Stephen, I am Katlyn’s Grandma and I met you the Monday after you got to Boot camp. So glad to hear that you are holding up okay and even more grateful that you are growing in your understanding of God, how to pray, etc. Life is an never ending series of lessons that we can learn. I am 58 and still learning so keep listening and growing and going with God. It is an awesome adventure, even if you are not going to Peru. Much blessing to you and your team and would you please tell Katlyn that I love her and miss her. sincerely, robin ganze

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