Malawi FlagI have lived in a Christian family all my life, but I never felt truly connected with God until about 1 year ago. I was one of those people who knew who God was, went to church and went to youth group, but I never felt him around or knew if he was actually there.  In May of my grade 9 year, I had the opportunity to go to something called YC, which stands for Youth Conference.  This occurs once a year all over Canada and I was super excited to see non-stop christian concerts. I though it was going to be all fun and games.  And while it was fun, when it came to God, during the speakers and worship sessions, God really touched my heart.  The speaker on Saturday night was  Reggie Dabbs and he spoke about how even through our past may be in shambles, God will make your future better.  Later on Bluetree came up and sang “God of this City.”  I remember balling my eyes out and in all of the comotion, a faint breeze blew and it felt like God was right there brushing my hair with his love.  Since then God has continued to speak to me and trust me, but I don’t always listen.  I still get distracted and I still don’t completely rely on him.  But throughout this week at Boot Camp he has been teaching me to give myself completely and fully to Him, and by doing this people will begin to see God’s awesome love through me.

Erica – 2010 Malawi FW II


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  1. Hey Erica this is amazing! It is so easy to think being a “Christian” means doing all the right stuff, ( youth group, church even praying) but when we allow God to touch our heart and move into an ongoing living breathing relationship with Him our lives are truly transformed. We will continue to pray for you, I believe that this is just the beginning of what God has in store for you. Not every day will be easy, but knowing who are God is and trusting in Him in all circumstances gives us great peace.
    Love ya

  2. Dear Erika, You are a blessing in my life. I know God has wonderful plans for you! Can wait to see you again. Miss you SO much! a verse comes to mind ‘ Be still and know I am God” take time to listen to Him! Be what He has created you to be! Love you So much!!!!! Mom :0)

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